Connection timed out, or why can't I play with my friend all of a sudden

Try deleting your friend from Epic. I had the same problem on Epic trying to connect with an Epic friend. Could connect to friends who were using Steam. Deleted my friend from Epic, have them as a Shift friend, no problem joining!


Thank you this is what I needed!

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This worked for me! Thanks!

Thank you very much, buddy

Worked like a charm… thanks mate!

Omg dude you helped me a lot!

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Cheers dude
this helped us

not using epic games, no fix for me im on steam as my friend is too yesterday we played togheter.
wifi icon has an x like no connection under my profile name

ipv6 is standard turned off, upnp is active the thing is we played already togheter why should our settings be the problem ?

So I have not been able to connect with my bf for at least a year when I moved to a new place.
I was trying to connect to a player in NA server while being in EU, so I tried to change my matchmaking server from auto to NA, and now it works after a year of not being able to play.

I don’t know why it changed but hey, even if you and the other player should be in the same server, try change it from auto to the server you want to use.

I hope this can help

good luck

Having the same issues, both me and my friend are on Steam, impossible to connect to each other