Connection Timed Out

I’m playing on Xbox one and i’m trying to play with my friend. Every time I try to join them it will just take a minute to connect and say connection timed out. We can play other multiplayer games fine and we can even connect to the same public games with other people but not each other. It is beyond frustrating and I’ve tried everything. Any help is appreciated.


We are also having issues as well joining on each other in game. The party system is fine on xbox both open NAT still cant join. We both are on Xbox.


I’m experiencing the same problem. I’ve made a ticket. I’ll let you know when they respond. If you find a fix, please let me know

Me and my friend have same problem, can play other games together no problem. But if you go to social(borderlands menu) and then join your friend from the xbox party menu, youll see that the games go to local while you are trying to join. Is verry weird to me…


Me too! XboxX, suddenly and recently can’t join game lobbies. Keep timing out. Wtf


Having the same issue, I’ve tried everything. Connected directly to router etc nothing works. What wa weird was that it was working for 2 days and then now no matter what we do nothing works. Gearbox fix your damn game!!!

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I’ve played through the whole game and the first expansion with a friend but we’ve been unable to connect throughout the past week. There have been no changes in ISPs, VPNs (although not applicable) or platforms - we’re both on Epic.

Epic is probably a different cause. On XBox, a likely cause is stale cached connection data. There are work-arounds (such as toggling a game between off-line, private, invite, etc). I don’t know if those also apply to Epic, however, or whether it’s the same cause at all. You can try submitting a support ticket (link in the pinned thread at the top of each tech support section). You may also want to the check the PC tech support section specifically in case someone has posted additional information there.