Connection timeout then reconn as odd character

  1. Full team on Helio Advanced.
  2. From main screen connection timeout.
  3. Exited game to check here and Steam forums quick.
  4. Reloaded Battleborn and it said the game I was in is still active, want to join?
  5. I clicked yes and it spawned me in the active game but as Boldur, with no mods.

I don’t play Boldur!

The last character I used in the game was Deande.

So when I exited that game, who’s on the main screen? Boldur? No Deande? No Melka! Which I also don’t play.

Is this related to the update?

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Well, Mellka is likely as a result of her being the default character, after a glitch of no character recognition. Otherwise I have no idea.

Yeah that makes sense but my active character Deande is also, the odd thing was Boldur and heading into Helio Advanced with no mods was unreal.

I suppose, if you disconnect this early, the game chooses a random hero for you.

That’s weird. It’s never happened to me. Sounds like the game “lost” your info and assigned you a random character, like @maskerader said. You don’t get a loadout when you select “random” at startup, so that’s what makes me think it defaulted to random.

Anybody else playing Story mode today getting disconnected?

It has happened three times now.
Each time after about an hour of team play.
I’ve got screen shots saved, seems to be the Gearbox server each time because I can access the Steam profiles.