Connection times out

Hey guys, I’ve seen 2 other threads with connection issues but I don’t think we are having the same issue.

So every time we try to join a game or invite others to our game we get the same message. “Connection Error. Your connection has timed out. Please check your network.”

We’ve all restarted our systems, checked our networks, I’ve even opened specific ports.

When I try to join from the main menu the INSTANT I say join game my mail icon turns into a no connection icon. Then 30 seconds later I get the connection error.

Is anyone else having this issue?

Edit: I should add that i can play with random people via the matchmaking function.

Hello there , me and my friend have the exact same issue. Does anybody know how to fix this??

Can try to start out as a psn party; this could also prevent the party from being disbanded for boss farming etc. As i havn’t tested this with this game i am unsure but in theory and experience with other games with conection issues this could solve it.
Basically join party, invite to game - and use that “join” notification; there are some issues with native matchmaking through games