Connection to server lost + video

UPDATE, already fixed to me. I dont know about other players.

**Hi, fellow users/mods/admins/devs, **
im having some trouble, so i decided to do this video.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” , then i think 59.970 images x 102 seconds, is better than a boring chuck of text.

Video showing the issue

Im not the only one, in reddit and this forum you can find posts about the same issue.
As you can see in the video, im having problems to play the Story Prologue.

Extra info from other post

-What platform are you playing on?
Steam in Europe

-How often have you noticed this issue (if more than once) Always trying to start story prologue. -How noticeable is it? (If you’re getting kicked, it’s probably pretty noticeable)
Connection lost with server.

-How many games has it happened in? (If more than one)
Always trying to start story prologue.

-More details:
Steam, Europe/Windows 7, 64 bits, Dx11/ My account level 3. Multiplayer works perfectly fine. I have sym 300/300 Mb fiber, no wifi, activated Upnp and open ports, restart router, restart network adapter, flushdns/registernds/release/renew, restart PC…i dont think it is an issue with my network.

-Support shift ID: XH74X9NF

Edit: To the rest of players having connection issues similar to this, go to this post and answer the questions.


Me and a friend have the same problem man.

Same here. Been trying since yesterday, still no luck on playing story prologue solo.

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more ppl here

Our online team is investigating the server issues that some people are experiencing. If you guys could try and answers as many of the questions above (that @Wrounsel listed in the OP) as you can, and include your Support ID in your post, I’ll make sure the team sees it.