Connection to server lost

I have tried to play battleborn since the beta and was constantly booted and received the message, “connection to server lost”. I tried to play on launch day and again tonight with a friend and I was booted every time we played, whether it was story or PVP. My friend was never booted which leads me to believe that this is not applicable to all PS4 users, but to ones that have a specific condition that is causing the error. I tried to play solo, and literally had ISIC down to 10% when I got booted… If you guys had not made Borderlands, I would have lost it… But you did, so please help.

FYI I am not experiencing any lag, just getting randomly booted, this has never happened with any other game as I have my PS4 hard wired to the router and have the unit as priority number 1 - even if my wife can’t watch Netflix!

There are a few threads about this on these forums, but they are mostly on PC. The fact that this has happening repeatedly for some users but not at all for others, makes me think this is a network/router issue, or the way the code is handling specific network/router configurations.

This wouldn’t be as annoying if the person that got disconnected could just re-join their friend in progress, at least for story mode content. The fact that’s not possible (like in Borderlands) fuels the frustration.

EDIT CORRECTION: If you get booted, you can re-join your friend by queuing up the same story mission you were in. The game will ask if you want to join the existing session, doing so will plop you right back in the fray with your buddy. Not a bad compromise for now.

Gearbox - is there anything that we can provide to help you troubleshoot this?

I have been experiencing much of this for the last 48hrs or so. I NEVER had any problems with the Beta version. And the first couple of nights, I played for hours without incident, but the last 2 nights, I can’t play for more than a minute before I lose Connection to PSN. All other games are fine online, only experiencing troubles with Battleborn.

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I am having less trouble with connections. I can find games, but usually get disconnected before the game starts. I had to wait 15 minutes to play at one point.

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OP, I am having the exact same issue as you. On opening day, I would try to play the Algorithm PvE mission and would get the disconnect message 5 minutes in. I conceded that this was probably due to the fact that it was opening day, but ever since then I disconnect randomly, once while I was fighting ISIC as well!

I really do enjoy the gameplay and I want to play, it just won’t let me. I wanted to add and say that I’ve experienced this too so Gearbox will see that it’s a growing issue.

For the record, though, I haven’t had any PvP connectivity issues, only PvE, which is sad because I like it more

same problem here, i tryed to play story mission 4 singel player now multiple times… but always get disconnected and cant rejoin … thats so anojing :frowning:

Still the same issues today. Always losing connection a couple of minutes into the match. Can’t rejoin. Lose XP and challenge progression. What’s worse is that none of my friends have the same issue, so I get to hear about all the great fun they’re having.

I thought it was bad how I couldnt get more than a yellow bar in games… But then op I started getting the exact same problem as you, ervy 5 minutes or so I would DC from a match, even if I tried joining back. This is worse… Wayy worse

Same problem, didnt have this problem in the beta started on 2nd day of release. I have been able to finish a few missions, but then I go into this never ending cycle of being booted and told I cant start new mission till the mission that keeps booting me is over. Get this fixed gearbox

I’ve started having this happen to me now.

Was fine up until today, now I can barely get 5 minutes into any co-op/versus game without it kicking me out, get kicked back out within about a minute of joining back.

This issue is still happening for a bunch of people, but I haven’t seen any official acknowledgement from Gearbox about this on these forums or on Reddit. They recently did an interview on Twitch where they touched on some of their plans, how patches will work, what is being addressed immediately, etc. It was great, click here: interview

However, I didn’t see anything about issues like this one.

Gearbox… please… can you let us know is this is at least being investigated? Is there any hope for us? This game is so much fun, but playing minute to minute wondering if you’ll get booted is frustrating.

Haven’t had any connection problems until a few hours ago. Maybe its because of the weekend and there are too many playing. Gave up. Il try again tom.

Having the same issue–getting disconnected every couple minutes. Buts an on and off problem–some days I play for hours, no problem…some days like today I cant play more than 3 minutes.

Also, when you rejoin a game, your team loses a life.

I just stopped playing it. The problems are still there. What a waste of $80!

When are the servers getting fixed/upgraded?

This game is a waste of money for people in other countries! I get kicked before leaving the main menu! It isn’t my internet connection!

$80 down the drain!

I have posted about these issues multiple times, in multiple threads. I haven’t seen a single reply from gearbox. Coop on Borderlands is great offline, but if they ever do another game that is all online, there is no way I will be playing it. As many issues as a DICE game usually has for Internet play, at least we can play Battlefront!! We really cant play this game. I bet we have been dropped from the servers over 50 times this past week! We have just given up at this point. Oh, well I have wasted money before!!! Lol

As we’ve said, the team is currently looking into issues such as these. As news and updates become available, we’ll certainly pass them on as soon as possible.

Glad to hear they are at least looking in to the problems. Is there any info those of us who are getting disconnected constantly can give you to help hasten the solution?

" Soon ™ " - DICE and Milestone have this same phrase trademarked

Just purchased this game, put ps4 disk in and Player Initialisation failed… Cant play it.
Are your servers down? I wouldn’t know because there is no communication on any of your social media?
Just paid £40 for this for it not to work… Wish I’d done me research before hand…

not to be snarky or anything, but why on earth would there be any sort of communication on social media if servers were running fine for everybody but you? just a rather foolish statement, I’m not saying there wasn’t an issue at the time, but how often do you see any company randomly post “all servers are up and running fine” on their social media page?

I would like to hear more about the connection issues that seem to be a problem with the game. Just like Malindavid said, sometimes I can play just fine, others I lose connection repeatedly after mere minutes. It seems like as long as I play early in the morning or late at night I don’t have any problem, but around 4pm-ish to about 10pm is pretty much just a waste of time to even try to play. It is very discouraging that the team seems to be more interested in pushing out more characters that could wait until stability problems are taken care of.