Connection to servers

What is wrong with battleborn servers?
Me and my mates are totally fed up with continous red bar. Anybody else has this same problem?
Our internet download speeds is 50mbit/s, 21mbit/s and rest 2 is unkown. These should be enough to play. Atleast other games works fine. Our platform is ps4 and we connect from Finland.

It’s not just that, the Amazon game server connections get messed up too many times.
Yesterday I was past the queue, ready to initialize the game, with people from this forum.
Instead of taking us to the map we got an Amazon error and it dropped all of us.

How frustrating was that?
Let’s see…Wait in a queue for an hour, then get a full 5 team with some peeps you know. . .

Also having issues over in the densely populated regions of continental North America recently. Possibly something in the last server-side update introduced an issue. Either that, or it’s a side effect of the generally low player base.

Terve, @Toppi9000

If any comfort, PS4 connection from central Stockholm and Sweden a bit sketchy atm from time to time, too.

Was worse about 1 month ago, thou, so fingers x …

Problem found. You are not American.

Not helpful - same problem in the US at the moment.

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If you’ve been playing in the lasy few hours it’s likely you been coming up against a lot of Japanese players, and they always get prioritised servers, hence the constant red bar games.

Hi to you too @GUNZERKUS .
This problem has been since spring and it begins to feel ridiculous it doesnt seem to get fixed. We have been playing since release, but it was not problem back then.
Approximately every tenth game might be with green bar and rest we have to suffer stuttering and hits not registering.

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Since we on the same pform + in same time zone, mind if I send you a friend request?

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I’m Australian and we have the same issue.

Most of the remaining servers are (presumably) US based, so you’re probably never getting a local server.

Given how low the population is there’s not much for it I’m afraid.

I’ve had the game since launch and it has basically always been this way.

EDIT: Grouping with other people from your region can help wrangle a preferable server, time of day also affects where your server/matchups are coming from.


I still wish I could have played with/against y’all on a level field, even though the red bar mainly just seemed like a handicap

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I have. We all took healers. Eden went 16/0 as Kid Ultra. 'Member, @Ginger_greninja? That was some scary green-bar sh*t…

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Like I said, “handicap” as in with red bar they play on the level of a peon like me

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Be my guest. My user name is same as forum user.

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Unlike myself, Eden is competent enough to play well in any connection.

Whereas I blame lag for my failings in the absence of skill.


Having played with you guys…you were still a few rings on the ladder above me

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What the heck was that last night?

Steam of course, but the game was dropping us from the server one at a time, then we would rejoin.

Same happened on ps4. Two games with red bar and after that we tried twice match making and twice two of our group got dropped when we got to character select. After it we decided to quit for that day

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