Consecutive hits anointment on an Infinity pistol

Thought I’d try out the consecutive hits anointment on an infinity pistol. It’s not a pistol I ever use, but I found one with that anointment and thought I’d at least test it. Results below :smiley:


Im not in a position to watch the video atm but I have a radiation inf with consecutive hit bonus and it was a monster at level 50!!!

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I got an infinity pistol with use no ammo ase. :laughing:


Consecutive hits on a x6 dictator does pretty damn good. Thank you for this though I had no idea that it capped out after a certain point, but 1300 is a pretty big chunk of weapon damage, if base is 495, that’s an additional 175% weapon damage or so.

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Do the extra projectiles count as consecutive hits?

I think in bipod mode weapon dmg increases by 12% per shot, considering it fires 12 projectiles per shot, as long as you are making your mark(to a maximum, as you demonstrated). I use consecutive hits dictators on moze or any character that I don’t want to have to constantly activate the action skill for weapon performance. If you’re on ps 4 I can send you a shock and fire x6 consecutive hits dictator to do some testing.

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The cap is, last I heard, 200% and is maintained by any damage going on caused by you. If there’s ticks on the screen, you’re going further into it. DoTs. Nades. Clone and Drone.


Correct. A lot of people think BM Moze is good for Consecutive Hits… It’s actually not. What’s good is at least 1 point in FitSD, fill out Demo Woman all the way down to SF, picking up MoD on the way.

Her ability to spam and regenerate grenades is far more useful for actually maintaining stacks. Need to reload but don’t want to lose stacks during that one second? Throw a CMT, then reload.

Only guns I really find useful for building stacks would be Redistributors, because CoL free shots counts as an amped shot, and get ricocheted as well. Since everyone in a 30 meter radius is getting DoT from ricochets + SF + FitSD, you can maintain stacks effectively.


The one that i tested didn’t increase damage numbers at all.

That would be great . Psn EldeeFifty. Send me a fr please.

I did notice (and comment in the video) that activation my action skill resets the consecutive hits stack. Do you know if this is the case for all VHs?

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It’s based on time. You have a 1 second window, after that all stacks decay if you are not damaging an enemy by shooting, dots, slam, melee, grenades whatsoever.
Here’s a breakdown:


Very informative :slight_smile:

That is very good to know, thank you! :slight_smile:

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FR sent.

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Big thanks to @calebismybro for the consecutive hits dictator. I use the clone and the drone to try to keep constant damage on Graveward whilst I reloaded. Not too sure of the numbers, and don’t have a cryo sntnl version to compare it too, but with this build it seemed to tear through him. Still not struck on this anoint for Zane. I can see it being good on Moze, but I don’t play her so can’t really test it out. Most likely good with Amara as well with Ties That Bind.