Consecutive Hits to trade, Level 60

My GT is conch8

I have:
CH Monarch, 8x corrosive
CH Flipper, shock/cryo
CH Flipper, fire/rad
CH Proprietary License, corrosive
CH Recursion, rad/corrosive
CH Robin’s Call, 12x 3492

Pearl w mag size/fire rate
Any other CH guns
Any other worthy gear

Thanks and cheers!

Do you want a x7 con hits face puncher?

Hi, Good trading with you again. I have a Pearl w mag size/fire rate, and CH lightshow Rad. I would like CH Robin’s Call, 12x 3492 and CH Flipper, shock/cryo. Let me know if that works? Thanks Tom dot66

Sorry it took this long to get back to you Tom, will get those two over to you soon. I could use the Lev 60 Pearl with mag/fire, thanks
GT conch8

Sent both, cheers, Tom

Wow good stuff I’m interested in the recursion , license , monarch what you want for it ? Got a lot ch guns anything specific ?

Dont suppose you have another lvl 60 pearl with mag size? And what would you like for it if so

Hey, Tom check you xbox mail, plz

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I will send the pearl at least. Anything else you intersted in? A dakota with next two mags corrosive or radiation? a CH dakota? a complex root with 50 /150 or 300 over 90? let me know. thanks Tom

Sure I can send it over. Thx Tom If you would, please send the •shock lob.After rakk 100% increased damage. thx Tom

I can do that,will send it over in a little while. Thanks very much :grin:

Sent buddy


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