Consensus on Cooldown Reduction gear?

What do you guys think about it? It got buffed a while back, but I’m not 100% sure if it’s a worthwhile stat at its current values.

It depends on the character and build in my opinion, but for some characters definitely worth it





Ah, poison gas! Lethal to giant spiders! I better kill these clowns!


Of course! Pillarstorms!

Correctly used, yes, particularly on instant-cast characters like reyna, Caldarius, Orendi, or Beatrix. On the former, with her -15% cooldown from Failsafe she can pop a skill every two to three seconds and do some pretty silly things.

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What do you think about it on Montana? Worthwhile?

Not really. He’s not skill driven enough to value cooldown rate.

If you can get a max roll piece that activates secondary cooldown effects after a headshot, it’s disgusting on Instant cast characters. Reyna makes the most use of it, imo.

Two of Montana’s skills are self buffs, which means their cooldowns don’t go active until they end. You’re much better off stacking either more damage resistance on him to tank with or attack to turn him into a death wall.