Considering Buying This Game

Is it worth to buy it now? Can story mode be played solo?

Leaps and bounds have been made. I say yes.

Story was always solo-able. So yes there as well.



I’ll be about as honest as you can get here:
I’ve owned it since day 1 and played it since day 1. Had you had asked this two months ago I would have given you a resounding NO. Literally one of my favorite games of all time and I would have still told you no. However, after the recent winter update patch this game is pretty close to where it should have been shortly after release. In it’s current state, despite some flaws, I would say yes. Even more so if you find it on sale for $15 or less.
To answer your question, yes you can play each story mode/op solo. (more fun with people though!)
If you decide to move towards PvP, do the tutorial first. Then move to Bot Battle for a few matches. Once you have 5 or 6 heroes to rank 10 feel free to venture into true PvP. If you jump right in without practice you’ll find many matches unforgiving.
The population right now is still fairly low so you may find waits for certain modes or matches. Nothing that’s unbearable but I’m all for complete transparency. I still have faith that after the next DLC drops there will be some changes made that will make the game more accessible to try which in turn should drive the population up.
Else… “look over there! squirrel!”

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It is SO worth taking a chance on. I picked this game up randomly last may not knowing much about it. Its turned into probably my second favorite game of all time. Its hard to describe but its just fun to play, the characters are sooooo good, the taunts are hilarious, and on and on.

I mostly play PvP but I still do story mode missions and the Ops missions to get loot, level up battleborn, and just enjoy fighting swarms of enemies.

Both the PvP and PvE are great.


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Do it! Do it NOW :smile:

You won’t know until you buy it. Besides, it’s very cheap right now.

Don’t buy it on pc… They have a low player base, if you do chec the discord thingy where you can find ppl to play with.

I say do it! If you play on Xbox 1 hit me up and I’ll be happy to introduce you to the game and some strategies.


The game is in a very good state now, having been out for some time it’s had many updates and is running real good. The missions are fun enough with the usual style of humour and characters you’d expect from Gearbox now, and with 30 playable characters you have endless hours to explore. Once you get used to the game there are some very good challenges if that’s what you want. Doing solo missions on Advanced or Hardcore, and you have some good choices in PvP modes.

So yes, for the price this game has lots of quality and challenges ahead.

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Thanks for all the replies. I will give it a try.

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