Consistant Freeze 10 minutes into Crown of Tyrants fight

The game will totally lock up and stop responding about 10 minutes into the fight on the Crown of Tyrants.


Intel i5-8500 3.10GHZ
16 gig ram
GeForce RTX 2070 S

Tried lowering graphics, updating drivers, restarts and verifying file integrity

shortly after the game came out i went through this fight without issue, sense then i have changed out my graphics card. It might have something to do with that, but i wouldn’t know what to do about it.

PS some new information, i was hosting for another player, mayhem level was 3

I totally don’t know what that is. :laughing:
A section of the Guardian Takedown? :thinking:

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Final fight with tyreen

Ten minutes … protracted fight… is it triggered by one of her specific attack types (like that astral pasta roller or whatever)? I mean, even if it is, I’m not going to have a fix, but I’m curious.

Does it do this if you run that fight solo?

still experimenting, it worked fine when i wasn’t hosting and on mayhem 1. Not sure if it was a specific attack and i don’t think it is, due to the fact it usually happened during the typical fighting phase where she switches between the different wave attacks, but not always.

When it freezes, do you get an error message, does it unfreeze after an awkward moment, does it just crash to desktop?

it is a total classic freeze. no going to desktop, no error message. it just halts process and never comes back.

Is that the only place where it happens? I mean, there’s a lot of other combat required to really narrow this down, but have you otherwise seen this elsewhere in the game?

It will take some experimenting, I was just running the fight solo and it was working fine for some time, so long in fact i was just about to call it good when it crashed just recently. So the crash definitely exists while solo but takes significantly longer to take hold.

I will report back after i find a different boss fight to toy with

PS it has not occurred during idle on sanctionary 3

…like I want to say, “run a stat viewer that shows RAM levels (video and main) and see if you’ve got a leak”, but that can be a pain if you’re not already spun up for that.

I do and have, definitely not on board ram from what i can tell and graphics card level have remained typical

Just fought through the Graveward mayhem 3 took forever and it never crashed so its probably only tyreen