Consistent crash in DLC4

In an area presumably before a train boss. Mob goes from Varkids above to CoV below. Game has crashed to desktop three times in as many sessions dealing with the CoV.

Running my usual Zane (CCC build with Brainfreeze, mixture of weapons these days. Normally the Hellwalker). Likely to submit a support ticket but wanted to see what other folks were encountering too.

Probably not the reason, but are you playing on Mayhem and if yes, what modifiers? Some of them have a tendency to cause crashes.

Not the modifiers, but thanks. Been over modifiers before - this seems to be at a specific point every time.

There are some pretty whack vfx that go off in that area, not to mention a pretty dense mob. So if you’re setup is close to crashing before you hit there, it likely will. Do you have a lot of chain effects going off? Multiple projectile ricochets? Stuff like that?

Not really? Hellwalker only ricochets once I think.

I can run Slaughter (since the last major patch, for the first time since launch), so I think it’s something more unique to DLC4, not mob density.

Just got to free up some time to pre-emptively run all the checks and tests Support asked me to last time.