Consistent crash while fast traveling to Sanctuary

On chapter 20, directly after beating the boss, your next marker is to head back to sanctuary. No matter where I fast travel from it will consistently crash in the loading screen. Game and Drivers are up to date but I have not tried uninstalling.

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Same here!
Everytime I try to travel to Sanctuary the game crashes. But only with my main character (Moze lvl 47, TVHM, Mayhem I). If I switch to my 2nd character (Agent lvl 17) everything works fine. So this can´t be a local problem but has to be a serious bug!

I did try to reset the game, switching to DX12, Fullscreen/Window-mode etc… The game keeps crashing a few seconds after the sanctuary loading screen appears.

Same issue with me. Let me know if anything works for you.