Consistent sensitivity?

Is it possible to equalize my zoom sensitivity and my regular sensitivity?


That’s always the way ADS has worked. They slow down your sensitivity so you can aim better at distances.

What system do you play on?

Mostly Win7, but I have Win XP on dual boot. It’s one of those things which have bothered me about the game ever I started playing it. I’ve played a lot of competitive FPS games and I enjoy the consistency you get from using one sensitivity.

On PC, there may be programs similar to macro software to adjust your mouse speed when you hold down your ADS button.

The look mechanic for this game is the only gripe I have about an otherwise perfect game.

If you were on console, there are adapters for weird setups… but that’s neither here nor there :smile:

The only other option is to have a mouse with on-board memory. Use a dpi switch button, or maybe even link it to the same button you ADS with…

Orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… if you’re any good at coding/scripting, you could make something in Autohotkey to change the sensitivity with pressing your ADS button.

I’ve thought about using Autohotkey, but I don’t think it could make a bind which lowers ingame sensitivty. Maybe possibly lower your windows sensitivity I guess, but that would be quite the task to synchronize.

So there is no way to add “binds” to your Willow.ini? For example when you press a button to also change sensitivity and on release to change it back again?