Console Button Layout Changes

I play on Xbone. So back when I played Caldarius, someone on the forums suggested swapping to “bumper jumper” (swap jump and dash ability) and it really helped me become a devilish pain in my enemies’ rears.

I was wondering if anyone has found any improvement on other characters by mapping their controllers differently?

Bumper jumper in general just increases efficiency on almost every character.

However, I find its overall impact pretty low in this game. I play Caldarius normal and my friend plays him bumper jumper.

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I moved quick melee to R3. I find it more effective that way.


i also moved wuick melee to r3, as it wasn’t ‘quick’ enough for me on o. but i still dont use it a lot. i think i may swap jump there, as im not a fan of moving it up to the shoulder buttons unless i put the melee up there too. ill try some different combinations next chance i get.
i migjt like having skills on square and circle, and jump and melee up top


Yeah quick melee from O to R3 is totally worth it, more universal than the jump bumper swap.