Console Commands in Remastered

emphasized textQuestion in reguards to console commands: Do the old Homeworld2 commands work with remastered? If so how do I get them to work?

I am trying to turn on some stats, logging, and a more difficult AI but the console line, in both the launcher and STEAM, do not work.

I have also tried making a new shortcut and adding the HW2 campaign to it and then adding the desired command. So far nothing as worked.


I don’t recall anyone ever getting the debug console to work in HW2.

Most (all?) of the Homeworld 2 Classic command line arguments should work in Remastered.

Which command specifically are you using that isn’t working?

These to start:
-determcompplayer Computer players are more determined - makes for harder matches
-noretreat Disables AI retreat tactics
-noCompPlayers Eliminates all CPU players

I would also like to do these:
-logOn Enables the text files after a multiplayer match
-logOff Disables Multiplayer Logs
-logonverbose Enables verbose logging files
-logfileloads Logs data files loaded
-aiplayerlog Logs AI player data in text files
-captaincyLogOff Disables end-of-match text reports
-captaincyLogOn Enables the text files after a battle
-statlogon Enables the Stats text files - use in conjunction with the above cheat.

I have not gotten any to work at all yet.

Oh, command line flags.

I never got the flags in the bottom section of this page to work:

The manual command lines for resolution dont work.

The fullscreen windowed mode in the last patch didn’t help because it still is offset by having a window border. I tried a 1920x1040 instead of 1080 but it just skipped me down to 1680x1050.

These are all Homeworld 1 Classic command line arguments:


…they won’t work in Homeworld 2 Classic or Remastered

I got these off the wiki for HW2 commands… it must be wrong then, thanks for the clarification.

What about the custom width and height commands being ignored?

Nothing you can do about those. In HW2 you could pick whatever resolution you wanted and the game would at least let you, even if it messed things up.