Console Commands

Is there a method to use console commands in remastered, in a type of “sandbox mode” that allows creation of units, change teams, etc?

I am looking for a mechanic that allows setup on scenarios for testing without having to create everything from scratch.


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The best I can tell you is editation of starting fleets.

I’m not sure if I’m at liberty to show (I hope I’m not breaking any rules, official or unwritten, delete the post if I am), but the developer mode seems to look like this:


color me interested!

I’m pretty sure we’ll never get our hands on this, ever.

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That functionality is fairly possible as a modded game mode. I’ve got something generally like it in Homeworld:@, but it’s a little broken in RM and there are ways that HWAT is set up differently from the stock game that allow a shortcuts. But it should all be doable in Lua even so.

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