Console Controller sensitivity

I’m wondering, do different games have different starting/ending speeds for lowest/top sensitivity? Each similar (shooting) game I’ve played recently (Infinite warfare, MW remastered, Gigantic, Paladins, Battleborn) seems to be different, and if so, I’m wondering why the difference between console and pc aiming seems to be something that is forced on rather than something that is needed due to some kind of tech constraint or something. why can’t we keep the lowest level and let people decide whats the highest level they can accurately use on their own?

XB1/360 user here. I don’t know if the lowest-highest aim sensitivity is necessarily that different between games, but the FOV varies and that seems to intersect with how the aim sensitivity feels. The other thing is that you do get used to things and can then adjust. I know when I started playing Halo (came very let to the party) I found the default setting too high, but after playing that and even more Borderlands, I started to find the aim sensitivity too low in both games. I’ve gradually increased the setting I use in all FPS games as I’ve become more experienced. I still suck terribly with a mouse and keyboard though!

I use 3-4 in most games.

The only game I noticed a difference in was Bf4 to BF1 where I have to use a much high sense in BF1 because its base is way slower then BF4.

It definitely varies between games. I play max on BB and wish I could go higher, but max sensitivity in Destiny is more than enough, haha.

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It seems to me that any number can be assigned to max speed for consoles, as proven in a lot of games where you start of slow, but as you spin it gets faster and faster. I see no reason this can’t be allowed from the start. The “gap” between computer and console seems forced rather than necessary, with seemingly no reason for it.

I’ve always used the highest setting in twitch shooters but in battleborn because the ttk is much higher than those I stick with 11.5 when I’m on Console. Mouse and Keyboard make my life so much easier though. :smirk:

The “gap” as you so put it is there because a stick is very different than a mouse. With a mouse you can get used to single swipes (which last very small fractions of a second) to completely turn 180 degrees, while still being able to maintain very accurate fire by using much smaller movements on your mouse.

There’s considerably less distance between the center of your stick and the edge, so there’s a lot less variability there. If you can turn 180 degrees in 0.1 seconds with a control stick (a feat that is easy with a mouse,) then you’re going to have difficulty aiming at a target who only covers a 10 degree arc (which is a fairly large medium range target,) even if you’re moving at 25% of your max turn speed. That’s why consoles tend to have a bit of auto aim and/or target assist, neither of which are necessary on PC.

More importantly, with some weapons you honestly don’t want the aim assist (even on console) because you have to lead your targets a bit to make up for the travel time of your shots (I’m looking at you Benedict and Thorn.) This means some characters who have weapons that are other than hitscan tend to be more effective on PC, at least for skilled players. It’s certainly why I’m no good with Benedict or Thorn on PS4.

I personally tend to set my sensitivity near the high end on consoles so I can turn and run faster (or turn to “run” and flank) and then simply get used to the higher sensitivity. Usually the auto aim or aim assist are enough to make me fairly accurate. On PC it’s more a matter of finding the lowest sensitivity I can do a 180 degree spin with easily, and then getting used to that. After an hour I’m a decent shot. I’ll never be a no-scope sniper, but having better control of your movement is a more useful tactical advantage to me.


if they have difficulty then then can adjust the setting. my point is, this"limitation" doesn’t seem like something that is there because they can’t do anything about it, but something that seems forced on to consoles. this “gap” between pc and console aiming seems to be something that could be nonexistant, yet for some strange reason they decided to limit consoles capabilities

This is why I always recommend Mellka be played at max sensitivity. Not for the aim, but for the snap air stalls (and spikes/lunges.) I’m always moving at some weird angle or another as I launch myself between geometry, over heads, around projectiles, etc. It’s vital to be able to snap to the right angle for her movement, then snap back to your target without interrupting your assault in any meaningful way.

Where is your jump ? X ?

Can you map your buttons in battleborn? I honestly haven’t bothered to check.

Pretty sure you can, but I’d really love it if the game supported character specific control settings.

For instance, I’d love to have Sublimate mapped to triangle and Ice Wall to L1, because one of those needs to be aimed and the other doesn’t, but that layout would completely mess with so many other characters I play.

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With high sensivility i find near imposible to aim correctly while jumping (pressih x) like a rabit in drugs

that’s why you put jump on L1

Jump is best left on X for Mellka imho. You need to Air Stall and Canister reload (circle and square) just as much as you need to jump, so binding jump to the bumpers isn’t going to change anything whatsoever - you still need to get used to making lightning-swift transitions with your thumb.

I also play piano. It helps. :stuck_out_tongue:

edit: An alternative I suppose would be air stall (quick melee) on R1, jump on L1, and maybe reload on L2. Spike, lunge, alt-melee swap places. I use my alt-melee quite a bit, largely in aerial combos, so it’s not perfect… but it would be a decent bumper loadout for Mell. Excellent for precise aerial sniping and dodging.

I have no trouble aiming with her regardless, but enough time played will do that!

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I still haven’t found why this aim gap is forced onto consoles, everything i find online is just more of the “pc is better than consoles lololol” variety

The post early about stick versus mouse travel distance seems to be pretty spot on. Other than that, I imagine it’s mostly a holdover from user feedback during early console development. It also depends on player experience though. Like I posted above, I tend to run look sensitivity much higher than I did when I first started playing video games like Borderlands and Halo. But I’ve never gotten the hang of using a mouse - always over-shooting, or finding myself uselessly staring at the floor or ceiling.

but you can only have it max out at a certain limit, which is much lower than pc. why would they not let the players decide what they can comfortably aim with in their own settings? if someone using a joystick is able to control it just as well as someone using a mouse why not let him/her? the previous post you mention coincides with this, saying a joystick saying it might be a bit more difficult, but if the player can do it, why not let them? most of the games I play, I max out sensitivity and still feel much too slow.

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Well that I don’t know. It maybe something that’s baked into different game engines but with different settings. Or it may be that each developer simply has their own “standards”. Maybe @Jythri or one of the other developers could shed some light on how the min-max sensitivities are decided.

This Exactly. I’d play Benedict and/or Thorn again if I could turn off their auto aim, and move the Jump button somewhere that’s easier for Benedict, considering he only aims one of his primary skills.

It would also mean optimizing the ease of use of others, like Melka. Not sure I’d move everything Eden would, but it would definitely be worth considering if it wouldn’t mess with how I play all the other battleborn.

Then what you think you’re asking is a different question than what you’re actually asking. If you want the sensitivity higher, then ask for it, but it doesn’t turn a controller into a mouse.

If your controller is fast enough to match a mouse, then you’re going to have to give up on hitting any ranged targets other than Montana beyond point blank (read - melee) range (and crits - HA! good luck.) There’s just nowhere near the same amount of variability built into the way the input is handled, and that won’t change until controllers change.

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