Console/Mods Enabling PVP

Attempting to look this up has led nowhere and I only see a spam of “how to take screenshots” and “show real fps” and haven’t been able to find any separate information on this sort of thing

How did these four enable PVP indefinitely? It doesn’t seem like it’s a common thing spoken about and I see old posts asking for PVP arenas when this sort of thing is around, and those block my way of trying to figure out this sort of thing as well, but I haven’t been able to find anything on it.

An example of what I’m referring to and where I’ve seen it (Damage is done multiple times with different weapons throughout the video hyperlinked above)
If anyone has any clue about it…

That’s not PvP. It’s four player co-op, they’ve found a terrain mapping glitch, and shenanigans are in progress. Looks like someone is tossing one of the MIRV grenades, and at least one of the crew is taking friendly fire damage as a result of being trapped in the blast radius. (If you go to the beginning of the video, you’ll see that there’s at least two Kreigs, so the friendly fire damage makes sense.)

A couple of the names are familiar as long time BL2 players known for all kinds of tricks, such as dropping a legendary underneath an elevator, then calling it down when everyone else runs to check out the gear.

Edit: I think that’s Sanctuary Hole, although it could also be one of the big Dahl tower complexes in Hammerlock’s Hunt (since that’s the active mission).

Nope- it’s Bloodshot Ramparts (recognized the car sitting out front…).

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Good catch.