Console noob here need a bit of a help

Hello all!

I am first time user of console i own Xbox One S never owned console before. I bought Handsome Collection curently playing Borderlands 2 (starting over of course because there IS no way to get my PC Saves there).

My question is… IS IT possible for me to use Cloud Saves option in in-game menu? I have only DOWNLOAD CHARACTER option there. And since i dont have another controller farming multiple mission items would be easy doing it that way. (Store character to cloud turn on mission put item to claptrap bank… You get the idea)

Thanks for answers and your time reading this. Also sorry for any mistakes english is not my mother tongue.


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No. The download option is only for bringing Xbox 360 saves to Xbox One. Now, on PS4 it’s a little different, but on Xbox One, you cannot do what you are wanting to do.

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Oh… Good to know. Thank you very much. It was unclear to me ať first. Now to prepare for endless farming.

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Yeah, no cross-over so you have to start fresh. There are powerleving threads in the forums, though that doesn’t help with the gear farming.

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I dont mind starting fresh. But its something different compared to PC farming with Read-Only. Still thank you for reading my Topic and answering.

Dashboard farming is still an option, probably not as efficient as you’re used to but it does work.

Wait… So i can farm multiple mission rewards still? With just one controller? I know Claptraps bank has its own save but when i tried put item there and dashboard out of the game bank was empty when i came back. I have to try it again.

No. If you want to farm multiples you need two controllers.

Oh. O.K. thank you.

mine does. I’ll farm any playthrough their game or mine

or have a friend in game who can grab the item then leave before you dashboard