Console overlay question

I am constantly thinking of challenges to post online, but the act of making them simple enough that they can be played in an “offline” mode (where one can still participate who only has limited access to the game) and simple enough to publish records without requiring a Youtube/Twitch account and the associated Internet connection; if they have access to this website, they just need to upload a screenshot for proof of completion.

After much ado, I think the Steam overlay makes a great verification tool, but this limits it to Steam. For example, say part of the challenge involved offering Hammerlock a Gemstone weapon. The shot below shows that I’ve completed the challenge (sick Spinigun, thanks Buttstallion!), when I did it (this evening at 9:08pm), and how long it took (72 minutes). Depending on the structure of the challenge, other screenshots can be taken to confirm certain things, but you get the drift.

My ultimate question is: do consoles have an overlay that can be taken in a screenshot like this? I think they do, but want to hear from actual console players that this would be a workable solution. Alternately, I’m open to suggestions (if they do, this thread can be answered in like four posts).

At the end of the day, screenshots can be Photoshopped or otherwise manipulated without much fuss, but these are also “for fun” events (no cash prizes or that sort of thing), so they don’t need to be so robust as to make the barrier to entry too high.


In PS4, none that i know of.

Maybe show the character play time before the start of the challenge and show again the play time at the end of the challenge.

you can get an accurate time if all challenges will start with a new character since the play time will be the basis.

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Dang… a brief Internet search shows the Xbox might have one. Ideally, the screenshot would include the circumstances in question (like overlays do). Anyone from the Xbox community here?


Present but I have no idea of how to attempt such a thing- but I’ll check and see. Of course, I have to find out where such info could be found first…


XB1 has screen shots and video, but the in-game screen shots don’t include any extra information, and the video is limited in duration. The default is 15 mins iirc. As @nat_zero_six said, you could try going into character select at the beginning and end of the session, but that’s about it.


Ah… I did a cursory Google search, and it looks like the Xbox 360 has one (if you hit the “guide” button to bring up the overlay and take a shot from there), so I figured others might. Anyway, as this would apparently preclude most if not all console players, it’s not optimal. Potato pics, despite their sketchy quality, might work in this situation if there’s any sort of pause/overlay option.

I’m open to suggestions for doing this sort of offline verification though. :slight_smile:


The 360 doesn’t, to the best of my knowledge, support screen capture at all. The guide button/screenshot is how the XB1 does it, but it doesn’t capture the overlay at the same time. It appears to grab the image directly from the game’s frame buffer, since it doesn’t include any game-specific stuff that comes up whenever you hit the guide button. (Example: FO4, the game video dims and the game menu overlay comes up; only the actual game image is captured though.)

Looking at some of the links that come up for XB1 overlay, it seems that most of them are either for the chat function or for the XB1 app for Windows 10.

I’ll have to poke around a bit and see what XB1 options there are for some sort of verification of off-line challenges; the 360 version will be much more limited (likely having to resort to taking photos of the screen!)