Console, PC Compare/Contrast

So I’ve seen a lot of comparisons lately between the PC platform and the console platform.
To PC players, I’m in the same boat as you. Steam players have it better than Epic players, I would say, just because of the steam UI and accessibility; Steam just seems to function a bit more consistently than epic, but launchers aren’t that big of a deal when it comes to the actual game.
To console players, I want to see reasons on why you play on console and what problems you have with BL3 on console. To me, it seems that most console player issues would be resolved if they play on PC.
Money issues might be why, personal preference might be why, etc. I’m curious and would like to maybe convince people to make the leap into PC gaming as I’m sure console players run into many of the same long load times and crashes with other games that aren’t BL3 as well. With the upcoming release of Nvidias new line of GPUs, (absolute monsters, affordable ones at that) I believe us PC players may be able to give advice for builds or trouble shoot issues people may have.
Console: Crashes, long load times, consoles generate more heat and make your room warmer (?)
PC: No offline DLC play (atleast with epic, in my experience), offline stutter (I think if you turn off shift connection it stabalizes but I haven’t tested), great frame rate, great resolution, fast load times, PC exclusive work arounds.

EDIT: IMO if you are a console player looking into PC, I would tell you this. All future microsoft exclusives will also be on PC, including the game pass. I say this so that if you were going to buy the new xbox, I would opt for PC parts instead since the longevity of your PC is going to outlast console hardware. Personally I’m going to pick up a playstation 5 because sony exclusives are mostly still exclusive to their console. Some of their titles come to PC but typically long after initial release.
I also need to play demons souls remake so! PS5 and PC, you get sony exclusives and microsoft exclusives and access to xbox game pass. Seems like the perfect gamer storm to me.

Personally I jumped into consoles a long time ago (PSX) bc back then I had a lot of hardware issues and I didn’t have the means to upgrade my PC at will. And it was somewhat guaranteed that a game released for a specific console would perform well on it.

After that it’s been mostly that I got used to playing with controller, from the couch and with a considerably larger display. Also, I like a lot of Sony exclusives. You could call it laziness.

With BL (all before BL3) the option to play split screen was a nice added bonus so it was fine for us.

Now the experience playing BL3 has been awful, and I’ve considered going back to playing on PC. I would rather they had made it PC exclusive, se would have upgraded our hardware, paid for two copies, and probably have been a lot happier playing it. IMHO PC has aged better than consoles, like you said it’s relatively easy and affordable to keep the hardware up to date, and your game library is not tied to a specific console generation…


I wouldn’t call it laziness :sunglasses:
You could have that same couch set up with a PC in place of a console. Maybe have a wireless keyboard to the side or constantly use the steam big picture mode, which is essentially a console version of steam meant for controller use. Then again, if you dedicate a computer to that set up, it might be a hassle if you wanted to do anything other than game on that pc, but people do it.
I would definitely recommend using an xbox controller though, seems microsoft just hates the dualshock drivers and I’ve experienced too many headaches to keep updating my ps4 controller drivers to make them MAYBE work. Using an xbox controller keeps windows happy.

I have over 300 games in my steam library, however most are dedicated to older games or non-intensive hardware spec.

I used to hardcore game on PC, however constant compatibility upgrades between ATI/nVidia/Voodoo(shows how old I am, nothing can stomp out a Voodoo2 graphics card)/Intel/AMD, was a constant pain and drain getting games to run right. Went to Linux where I enjoyed more freedom in software but games was limited. Then I switched to gaming laptops and then got my first recent console: PS4 Pro.

I like that I don’t have to tweak settings as much I used to. I know a game will run without compatibility issues in hardware.

Now on to BL3,… you can tell between PC/Console, the game itself was meant for next generation consoles. Coming from BL1/BL2 on my wifes PS3, we were expecting some good ole splitscreen gameplay. Why they even added it, was beyond me. Splitscreen on previous titles was good ole couch entertainment. First time even trying it, we immediately switched to two consoles. Found out after trouble shooting, that Gearbox only has LAN play for PC, not consoles,… even though BL2 had it,… so both need to be PS+ members to play.

Another perk to console and online play: Hardly any cheaters play on console. PC it is easy to crack a game, download a trainer, modify saves, etc. You can easily see in forums for games between PC and Console that most of PC players complain about hackers and cheaters in game while console forum is typically more productive with only about 1/1000 the complaints of a cheater.

Don’t get me wrong, part of the fun of game is modding them and having a different experience than Vanilla. I modded the old Mount and Blade game in Python code to have factions and more uniform enemies that matched their loyalty until my buddy who did graphics got a gig at a big game company in Austin, TX and I had to abandon the mod.

Mod Link, (warning old school)

So why do I play console? In my age now,… it is just easier, less-ish issues, less hackers, and just plain more fun to me.


Can confirm - wireless keyboard on my lap and thumball mouse on my chair arm. I mean, this is how I computer at home… the only difference is if I’m watching a movie, I set the keyboard aside for a bowl of popcorn. Mouse stays on chair arm for pauses, navigating the Internet, whatever.

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Yeah, the casualness and low maintenance required is really good when it comes to console. I do believe computers are plateuing though, tech is getting to it’s limit with it’s current iteration I believe. Ps4 and xbox one got hit by borderlands 3 when those consoles were already being pushed as far as they can go, no doubt BL3 will run like butter on the new ones.

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  • To me, it seems that most console player issues would be resolved if they play on PC -

Lmfao, you are having a laugh right, surely you are not serious, please tell me you are joking here.

Believe it or not, there are a lot of people who just want to plug a box into their tv and play a game, no stress or worries about framerates and gcup settings, make room for a monitor and desk, epic or steam blah blah blah, just play a game for a while. Consoles do that, and most games do that apart from this one, it’s not the fault of console players if some dev’s can’t provide a stable product to begin with.
I seriously could afford a really expensive/powerful PC, but you know what I love my PS4, my network of PS friends, great exclusives, the simplicity of console gaming that I have done for many many years with not many issues until BL3, so telling people to buy a PC to fix GBX’s problems is both laughable and condescending.


No I’m not joking, I just know that by opting for current generation consoles you’re accepting a hardware performance hit, which PCs can remedy. I… am a little taken aback at how uh… Moody you started this off.
And yes, I understand consoles are easy. That doesn’t mean PCs aren’t just as easy after a 12 minute youtube video.
I’m glad you can afford a PC and maybe one day you’ll get one. Maybe you can even make friends on it too!

I’m suggesting making the jump with the end of a console era, so you don’t end up wasting your dollars on something you may not want to. But sorry you were offended, again.

Can’t play Ghost of Tsushima on PC!

You are really talking to people who have their reasons for what they play, regardless of ease, certain games, or opinion. A lot of people start with a PC whether at school, work, or home. My switch from PC to PS4 was 4 years ago and am perfectly happy in the direction I chose. Even if BL3 doesn’t run perfect, they butchered it oblivion and I don’t even play it anymore.

Is why I’m opting for that sony hitter bay-bee! I guess my response was mostly aimed at people that are gonna get the new xbox :sweat_smile:

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Console xbox one, few problems ever, never have to download drivers or update video card or any of the frustrations that come with computer games. Made the switch years ago, sick of buying new games that would rarely work right. Maybe times have changed, but I doubt it.


I role with Nvidia GPU and corsair products, each have a little control panel that you can download settings and optimize games with, as well as letting you know when your drivers are out of date. They streamlined it, it’s pretty convenient. But not as convenient as just turning on a console, you’re right there.
I just ordered a 2TB SSD m.2 stick and two 1TB 2.5" SSDs to replace my hard disk drives and my 500gb ssd, finna be a speedy download and start up boy!

This is going to be a tale of a 20+ years long console gamer:
So, I started with the original PS1 and basically got all PS consoles, except the handhelds. It’s quite comforting to have a reliable console infrastructure to base your hobby on.

The big thing that kept me from fully converting over to PC/Console or just PC was mostly the money aspect. If you know how to do it, then even as a teen in the early 2000s it wasn’t too hard to afford a wide library of console games and share it with friends. The sharing is the big differentiator here. A new game comes out for 70€ (after taxes) and effectively me and my friends never really payed more than 25 bucks for a game each. And in the end, once a game has been largely forgotten we just talked about who should take it. That and the quick price reductions of consoles made console gaming way more appealing, especially for younger people.
But there is more to it: Depending on where you live it can be dramatically different to buy a PC. In europe, where I live, it has been until around 2010 that PC mid-range builds had become affordable enough to warrant spending money on a PC to use as a gaming platform. Somehow before that we almost always had 1 component that was vastly more expensive. When I build my first own PC in September 2012 I had already waited out a large drive shortage that caused the prices to explode. And all that hassle can be intimidating for newbies. The fact that you can throw most pre-build PC’s straight into the trash didn’t help either.

So yeah, there definitely are some clear points to console players for being exactly that. Now the twist…

Since AMD finally got their ■■■■ together there was basically no better time to build a PC than in the last few years. The parts have never been this cost-to-performance efficient and it’s only getting better. Combine that with the way the performance curve behaves currently and honestly, a new PC was probably the best thing to do for me.

I saved up for a rig of around 1000€, but due to trading experience and a ton of research I wound up with a rig that would have been worth 1400€ for around 1150€ (plus 50€ dinner for the guys that built the thing together as I just couldn’t be bothered - yes, a true first world problem).

Now, there is one big point people get really nasty over - utility. Yes, you can do thousands of other things on a PC, from editing to working to doing your taxes (I myself write music and will soon try to get a foot into video editing). But that’s the fallacy here: Is the option of more things to do worth anything if you didn’t miss the lack of said option beforehand? Don’t you waste time trying out stuff that you end up never really doing anything with?

And while I see both sides here and neither is right or wrong, I just see it as a thing of personal perspective. Do you need or want more options for productivity or would a bigger pool of options make you less productive in the end? What are your needs? That’s why I see the appeal of consoles. It’s a more focused experience. It’s a very basic philosophy that’s applied to martial arts and mostly known by Bruce Lee, but “leaving out what’s unnecessary” really helps.

The current consoles just don’t cut it anymore, we all know that and that’s nothing unforeseeable. But that’s a thing console players know when they buy the thing. They know that those machines are a closed system that won’t be upgraded and will be outdated in probably a few months and the current consoles even were ancient already when they were released. This now passing generation of consoles was a miserable one in terms of performance. The next generation of consoles looks promising in that aspect and at least seems to solve the problem of long loading times, which is probably the worst aspect of consoles. It’s not the worse graphics as there are truly some amazing looking games on consoles, but the loading times that made playing on consoles a chore. Well, that and the fact that BL3 just generally runs horrible on consoles, but BL3 isn’t the only game out there.

All in all, I am very happy to now have my PC and be able to run BL3 at 60 FPS with loading times of usually below 5 seconds, but that doesn’t take away the fun I had and still have with Borderlands and games as a whole on consoles.


I dont get it. I’m in my 40s and I’ve been gaming exclusively on pc since 2014. You no longer have to upgrade graphics cards yearly like you had too in the TNT, voodoo, etc days. My i7 4790k is still running games at 1440p today and I only had to upgrade to a 2070 super from a 970. That’s one upgrade in 6 years.

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Yeah, PC has become a lot more accessible in the last 4 years for sure. I skip a generation between gpu upgrades myself, hopping from a 1070ti to a 3080.
It is true that, in theory, computers are prone to more issues just because of how much the user can do with it. It’s a lot harder for someone to brick their console with a virus vs bricking a computer with one. That being said, the learning curve for PC can seem daunting to new PC owners but that’s what this thread was created for! I think there’s a lot of misinformation about how hard/complicated PC is.
Another reason this thread was made was to make sure people know that xbox exclusives are all going to be on PC so if you’re dropping $500 on an xbox, you could just… y’know… spend a little more for something with a lot more utility and longevity.
And a lot more wiggle room when it comes to VR support!
BUT! If @jbow2020 likes that all in one package, that’s how it be. I’m excited for the new playstation but I can’t see how or what is going to be next for consoles. I mean the Xbox X is essentially a desktop (physically) without windows OS

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This just sounds like a handy excuse for wilfull negligence on GBX’s part releasing something that they are aware runs sub-optimally. I’m of the opinion if the consoles can’t handle the game they should have held off until next gen to begin with (hell maybe split screen would work properly if that was the case).

Either way it just isn’t logical for me to switch platforms for one underperforming game. And I’m sure as ■■■■ never buying another copy of this game

Edit: main reasons I don’t want to switch would be just ease of access on consoles and I play a lot of online shooters and can’t stand hackers. CoD Warzone with crossplay is painful some days


Lol, well I don’t know if I would go that far! Imo a lot of the newer games on console have long load times and run sub-optimally.
This will all be remedied by the new consoles regardless, or atleast these issues should be solved. The ones regarding performance and optimization, anyways.
Edit: I can’t stand online shooters on PC because there’s literal neuron firing gods out there XD their reaction times are so fast sometimes, it makes my head spin (looking at you, counter strike).
But for the most part it’s a good time. I rarely see hackers in any of the games I play (CoD, DayZ).
Infact, most hackers I see are in dark souls pvp :upside_down_face:

Us gamers can be a dramatic bunch :wink:
Long load times don’t bother me normally in games that you only have to endure once or twice per session. Borderlands is not one of those games lol

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Yeah I bought the diamond loot chest edition because I like collectables.
Then they re-released it minus the game.
So… So much for ‘exclusive collector’s edition’. I won’t be buying it again either but… well, we’ll see what the future has in store for it. Maybe they’ll add something cool haha