Console Performance

There has been lots of repports on the Borderlands and Borderlands 3 Subreddit that Splitcreen performance on base console is kinda bad. Also, lots of people are reporting the menus to be slow and laggy on all consoles, base and pro/X

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I’m really hoping that Digital Foundry gets their performance analysis video up today. I asked John rather or not they’d have their test up before launch, and he said he wasn’t sure, because 2K hadn’t sent them a code yet as of Tuesday.

I need to know what the game looks like and how it performs on standard Xbox One and PS4 Pro so I know which of the two to preorder on before release at midnight tonight.

'im pretty sure we will get a fix to help performance but so far things are not looking great.

I don’t mind if the framerate only has issues on splitscreen personally, I have no plans to make use of splitscreen anytime soon. I just want a stable framerate and decent graphics during normal solo gameplay.

As for the menus, was just watching some twitch streamers on X and PS4 Pro versions and those seemed fine to me.

Well split screen always increases resource load on a console. This was experienced in some titles as far back as the 16bit generation. Even when all players are in the same area because it has to render everything from different viewpoints. If the game is pushing hardware as is in single player it wouldn’t be surprising if splitscreen multiplayer experienced more frequent drops in framerate.

I guess ill wait and see then, I remember BL2 on old PS3 was not bad at all.

Playing on a standard PS4 and the game becomes almost unplayable if your Co-op partner is in the menu. If I’m aiming down a scope, everytime my partner moves in the menu it forces me back to hip fire.

Also can’t see where to flick split screen to vertical instead of horizontal. Player one has to look at the sky to read stats on pick ups.

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Alright, I’m gonna trade in my Xbox one S for a One X tonight when I go get my BL3 copy at EBgames

Honestly I think it needs a patch I have it for the Xbox one X I’ve put in about six hours performance mode is good for the most part once in a while you’ll notice It get really choppy And the resolution mode is absolutely unplayable

Hi all, if it’s any help, I have a XB1X and have Borderlands 3 installed on an external SSD.

Once you get used to 4K 30fps (been playing far too much BL2 at 4K 60fps!!!) there have been no performance issues yet. FPS is solid, no movement lag or aiming issues.

I have noticed that the menus lag sometimes but only when switching menu screens like going from map to inventory etc.

Overall I am very happy with the game and performance but I understand not everyone has an external USB SSD Drive.

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I just bought the game on the original PS4 online store and was super excited to jump in and start a new campaign with my GF, but I was completely blindsided by the performance issues this game has. The menus feel sticky and I don’t even want to allocate my skill points due to this. It feels like the frame rate is below 30 fps at all times. It’s hard to aim at enemies because of this, especially at a greater distance. And of all things, the MELEE is even hard to execute. The enemies dance around at a regular pace while the camera struggles to find them. I’m super disappointed so far and probably won’t pick it back up until these issues are addressed.

Temp fix for ps4 pro users For smoother gameplay do these steps.

  1. Disable boost mode in system settings.
    I received about a 10fps boost in both 4k and 60fps mode

The games runs like absolute trash on my Xbox one X in splitscreen mode. I dislike that I’m expected to select between performance and resolution modes on the supposed “most powerful console”. If the game’s not properly optimized to run smoothly with a respectable resolution, then I paid full price for an incomplete product. Not that this isn’t happening everywhere. But the truth is, I expected more from Gearbox, especially after 7 years. I guess Duke Nukem Forever is just the new standard. The splitscreen mode really is BARELY functional. I’ve had nonstop frame drops (and by frame drops, we’re talking 60fps straight to 1 and back again) and the game crashes about once every 30 minutes. Single player still runs well, but again, I shouldn’t have to choose between performance and resolution. A disappointment to say the least, after the wait and after the game effectively built it’s legacy in split screen.

Well consoles are literally average Joe’s PCs from 2011. It’s about time PS5 and new Xbox come out, because those old horsies people use now had their run and need to be put out of their misery.

You’re definitely not wrong. The issue I have is the standards have slipped so unreasonably far down, that “barely functional” is now the standard for triple A titles. The age of the systems should actually make creating a stable game easier, as the development software used is now approximately 6 years old. Allowing developers to better understand how to optimize. If you compare an Xbox 360 game (or PS3, take your pick) from early in the systems life to one released toward the end, you’ll find that nearly every time the older games not only play better, but they look better too. The power of optimization. We should have games running perfectly by now. Especially after the enhancements made to Xbox and PS4 with the X and pro, respectively. What in fact was the point of getting the upgraded systems if nothing is improved in the end game? It’s the loss of standards I take issue with more than anything…sorry to be a b!tch. Just had to gripe.

It is bad, but the usual Doublespeak of “We’re looking into it” is all we’re going to get. Usually I read doublespeak as “I hear and am planning to ignore you”, but in this instance I believe it.

This is one of my killer issues as you know Spytok.

I know and while i understand theres nothing much we can do but wait for that patch.

All that being said, I should also conclude that the game itself, as far as design goes, is very well put together. The narrative is engaging and I feel it’s one of the best in the series. The little additions they made when compared to previous installments, such as mantling, dual skill trees and alternate firing modes for weapons are all excellent. I feel like they did a great job of adding more content to an already solid core. It does just enough new things to be a solid sequel but not so much that it feels like a different game. All this to say, it only makes it more frustrating (and frankly more tragic) when it’s barely playable, especially in split screen mode. Single player even struggles with clunky menus and frame drops. Excellent design, poor optimization…if any.