Console players really get the short end on crew challenge rewards

Title says it all. Pretty tired of only having ONE singular shot at something when PC can just read only their way to god weapons :confused: Especially when they are adding stuff like the schoville to the game now in dlc that are beyond god tier damage dealers …


Yup, I’d love to keep trying for an annointed bekkah. Maybe once you finish the quest it becomes a world drop?


I just don’t understand why you can’t reset the stupid challenges and do them again AT THE ABSOLUTE LEAST! Give console something other than spitting on them, I mean they already say they are apparently ok with read only on pc (which I feel is cheating personally but to each their own) … Just really wish there was better parody on gear between platforms. Guess this is just something you have to deal with as a console pleb with gearbox :frowning:


You can do those with ps4 but its notably more work than pc…only xbox cant touch their saves (from what i know)

Yeah resetting challenges sounds good, even if it’s for no exp. I’d love a way to farm an annointed bekkah.


resetting challenges is a sensible fix, if they don’t plan on making certain items available as drops, honestly thought crew challenges were going to restart on my 1st TVHM play through and was mildly disappointed to find they didn’t.


Or just add them to someone’s loot pool.


All suggestions seem sensible, especially considering the lyuda is a world drop (might be a set drop too now, I haven’t played in a very long time at this point) and nothing else is. Also really blows because the bekah and now the absolute insanity that is the schoville are OBSCENELY powerful weapons you only get one shot at which in a looter shooter is beyond insulting IMHO.

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I mean, it’s not really about cheating when we’re putting forward suggestions of how we can earn it. And in an RNG game, unless the reward is same spec for everyone, it’s hardly fair that I could get a base gimped version with no chance of another and someone else can drop a perfect spec 100% on ASE


I’m pretty sure this all started right here:

I only quoted the OP for a reason ;). I never suggest that any of the ideas were bad. It’s just funny that a number of console players are trying to tuse the “But it’s so easy to cheat on PC” argument is all.

If you are expecting an attack you’ll perceive one even when one is not made.

I stand by my comments, it’s just a long winded way of saying “hey, complaining that you can’t cheat looks a little entitled and is unlikely to make anything other than a negative impact”.

I put it into the context of cheating but every new character gets a shot at crew challenges. It’s 1 per character, not one per account.

Every character has exactly the same base chance and that is the very definition of fair. Platfrom makes no difference in that equation unless someone cheats. As has been said, Xbox is the only platform that currently can’t.

Yes it’s a lot of extra time to level another character in a legitimate fashion. No I’m not suggesting you have to like it.

Not liking it and it not being fair, however, aren’t the same thing.

I only mention it because if you want the devs to reconsider their position it might be a good idea to show them you explored all avenues and still found it lacking rather than just putting out a bunch of stuff that makes it easy to chalk up your comments as “whining”. Without convincing them that change is needed any suggestions are kind of pointless.

And maybe, just maybe, as a PC player that doesn’t cheat I might want these changes too. Is alienating possible support for change a good idea? I don’t think it is.


If someone shoots a gun in your direction it’s fair to call it an attack even if they missed on purpose.

Levelling a new character to the point they’ve unlocked all areas for the hunt is around 20 hours, a 20 hour grind to get a chance at the bekkah you want is hardly a reasonable grind for an item.


Seriously, though… pc gaming is great. You have a lot more control over all your games. I hope more people will come back to pc at some point.

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I’ll just say as PC player I’d like a way to farm those items, too. I don’t like messing with save files since it feels cheap, so letting us reset the challenges would be really nice. Alternatively, adding them to other loots sources so there was another way to get them would be appreciated.


Or they were shooting at another target, got a bullseye and you’re just being paranoid.

The OP, after all, did fire the first shot so most reasonable people would be aware of that the target was.

It can be done faster than that, otherwise I’m not disagreeing with you.

It’s ‘a little on the steep side’ for sure. Replaying the relevant parts of the game for different versions of the 10 or 12 quest reward items we might want is one thing. That gives us a reason to reset quests in TVHM and concurrently chasing several items shares the load.

The once per character though, that’s pretty stingy.

To be fair to GBX though, the more DLC they add the closer it gets to resetting quests for TVHM in terms of concurrently chasing multiple items and no-one’s complaining about that side of things.

When you enter a console thread with a salvo of PC master race, any bullseye you hit is an accident in amongst all the collateral damage. And the disclaimer just shows that you know it, much like saying “no offense” just shows you know you’ve said something offensive.

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Well… Of course. The OP opened with an offensive statement about PC players being cheaters. Rather than get offended I had a giggle. That’s what my comments have been all about but it’s clearly getting out of hand.

All jokes aside and in all seriousness, have a great day :slight_smile: .

Well when pc players openly admit to modifying game saves and game theft, it does become a safe assumption. Even if it isn’t completely accurate.

Putting all of that aside as I find the accusations and disdain from both sides of that long term argument pointless, it would be nice if there were a legitimate way to better fsrm for quest gear.

For example one idea would be to make it so Once the host beats that questline/side quest the reward weapon could be added to the possible drops of at least 1 of the bosses/minibosses from that quest ( provided that boss/miniboss can respawn after the quest is complete.)

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As do I. Here’s a secret, I bought the game twice. Once on PC and once on xBox to play co-op with my son ;).

xbox happens to be the only one where you can’t put in an older version of a save from a backup, this was never even about all consoles so th ewhole PC Vs console thing was a bit of a farce to start with because it can be farmed on PS4 just fine.

I’d honestly prefer to be able to just reset the challenges and do them all again.

In the base game at least it would guarantee the rare spawns and would give us an excuse to go on a world tour. Not just for the Bekah but all of the unique drops from the relevant bosses.

It would be something different to do than just stand at a boss and killing it endlessly.

That being said, doing both would also work :wink:

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