Console Saves Lost after Latest X -One Console Update

I have been playing BL-2 while having my One connected to my network. I unplugged my Ethernet cable to use it for something else. I continued to play BL-2 off and on. All of my saves being done on the console. I finished the Vanilla game. And continued on till I reached Lvl 49 in TVHM. I heard about the latest console update. And decided to download it. I re-plugged in my Ethernet cable. The update went smooth.

Then I started to play some BL-2. And that’s where things went wrong. The game started me off at my last Cloud save, when I last had my console plugged in. All of my Console Saved Progress was GONE! So how do I get my console save progress back?

PS: asking about “why not use wireless?” is a non-starter. It’s just a choice I made. And has nothing to do with my console saves disappearing. Or their recovery.I still won’t use wireless in the future.

Sounds like a console more than game issue, as it would seem that the sync mechanism has over-written your local saves. I’d suggest contacting MS support to see if there’s a work around to recover the local files.

Agreed totally. Both my consoles are hard-wired to my modem/router. I’d suggest investigating your options for doing something similar so that you don’t have to switch the cable from one box to another.

@VaultHunter101 I edited it, wrote cloud when I meant hard drive

This will happen if you have signed in to your console without any network connection, because the cloud saves will appear as more recent than the hard drive ones. Being connected sets the date and time, therefore would mean your console saves would have been more recent than the cloud (say you were connected to your home network but not to the internet, for example) - contacting MS won’t do anything in this issue.

The issue is that the console saves were more recent than the cloud ones, so the saves should have been updated the other way ie: local -> cloud not cloud -> local. Also, the XB1 clock shouldn’t have been that far off, so the date stamps on the save files should have been close enough for the system to know that the more recent ones were the local ones.

When you are not connected to any form of network (internet isn’t necessary) the time and date of the console is set to 00:00 on the date of the manufacture, and it continues forward from there. So say his more recent saves on his hard drive may appear to the cloud to be dated 2013, so therefore the cloud is more recent.

Right, but it’s still an bass-ackwards system if the sync over writes newer files with older ones. As I said, being connected or not shouldn’t dramatically change the XB1’s clock or file time stamps, and the system should always either favour the newer files, or ask what to do.

Unless this behaviour is some kind of MS anti-cheat thing?

There wasn’t a time when my One was not unplugged from power. Also, I unplugged the Ethernet cable in January or February. I’ve never heard of this happening. I went from Lvl 49 back to Lvl 37.

Were the console saves overwritten? Or is my console just accessing the last cloud save now that it’s plugged in again? I tried turning off my network connection. And restating my console without the Etherenet connection. And still the same thing. By the by, my BL-2 file shrunk by almost 2 GB. So data was lost.

That’s a DLC equivalent or two, not a single save file! My largest 360 save is a little over 100 KB.

XB1 file system is odd. It doesn’t seem to want to give you the same granular access you had on the 360. So if you select BL2, hit the menu button and select “Manage game” all you see is an aggregate total under “Saved data”. Poking around the manus, and that’s about as close to the individual files as you can get.

I’m sorry to say this, but I suspect that the system has replaced your local content with the cloud save data. The following support page hints that this might be the case, but doesn’t state it explicitly:

Edit: second entry on this page suggests that you should have received a prompt as to which version of the saves you wanted to use. If you didn’t get that prompt, then I’d definitely recommend contacting MS:

I wonder, if I reload the DLC. My progress might be restored. I’ll give it a try.