Console scrollback?

I haven’t watched any of the vids (and it probably wouldn’t show up anyway), but was wondering if BL3 will have some form of console scroll back.

Many RPG’s have implemented this over the years, the ability for you to scroll back through the messages that have appeared on screen.

I’ve wanted this in the BL series for a while. Things happen when you’re in the middle of combat that you just don’t have time to notice, the BAR Challenges in BL2 are a great example, you’re blasting away at things with 10 other things blasting at you, and out of the corner of your eye you see a challenge banner appear, but you’re too busy to see it, and it vanishes.

Scroll back would allow you to read the messages at your leisure. Also can be handy (if they’re detailed enough) to really analyze what damage a particular attack or pattern made.

Has anyone seen scroll back in BL3?

Didn’t see it yet judging from game play vids, but I agree that it would be a really good QoL. Maybe through an update?