Console talk: Weapons with lots of Particles lead to blue-screens and fps drops

What i try to accomplish here is that gearbox takes this into account and fixes those game breaking issues.

For those who don’t know what I am referring to, if you take Amara for example and give her a Recursion the blue screen you are experiencing is caused by the additional bullets that get generated and shoot back and forth in between crowds of enemies.

Same problem on Fl4k in the past when he was able to take any shotgun with lots of particle output and smack bosses in seconds.

Too much loot lying around in a slaughter or proving ground? Yeah forget the loot man your its gone as well as what you saw a second before the game just turned into blue screen mode.

This is a very common problem its reproducible and existing since day 1.
Also, it’s not like i and lots of people didn’t report on those problems.

Its 8 months in close to 3th dlc. The support for console lacks very much.
What i cant understand people paid reasonable amounts of money and you are getting many tickets filed.
As a company and to keep your face you need to take stability on console serious.
People will more likely careful before buying another borderlands title.
For sure i will be more careful next time.