Console Woes! Mayhem Mode Not Available on TVHM


New here and I know my first post is going to be a complaint but I wanted to draw more attention to a MAJOR issue that is forcing me to put the game down earlier than I intended.

On consoles, Players are not able to activate mayhem mode on TVHM until after completing the main story AGAIN. This is a massive bug since PC players are able to do it once they unlock sanctuary.

If this is intended, Id like to make a plea for why it SHOULDN’T be. TVHM in Borderlands 3 without Mayhem Mode is an absolute Joke. No difficulty and no reward(loot drops are barely an improvement over normal mode). Plus we can’t skip cutscenes so it becomes a slog. I love the gameplay, but It’s hard for me to justify doing the entire story all over again on TVHM when I can do mayhem mode 2-3 on normal mode and get a better challenge with FAR better rewards.

I thought mayhem mode works best when you use it on TVHM while being able to play through the main story. It allows you to progress through the story with more difficulty(TVHM is LESS DIFFICULT then first play-though on normal mode) and greatly enhanced reward. I am honestly shocked, that we’ve had MULTIPLE patches and hotfixes and this discrepancy between PC and Console hasn’t been addressed.

Please allow Console players to use Mayhem mode upon unlocking Sanctuary in True Vault Hunter Mode

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