Conspiracy Theories

After replaying Borderlands, I couldn’t help but notice that when you get of the bus at the beginning, Marcus says,’ I’m sure we’ll be doing this again soon,’ which I found a little weird considering he is the narrator and all. Also, the psychos have the vault symbol on their mask before Tannis even shares her findings. Given that they are also supposedly scientists or colonisers, this could be passed off as nothing but surely only a few of them if any would also have made such a significant, elusive discovery. Just some thoughts. Am I digging too deep or am I on to something? What do you think?

I agree, I find things Marcus says creepy sometimes, I also think he is one of the most interesting characters.

Yeah, certainly interesting. I see what you mean by creepy too. Scary even. It’s not everyday you see someone shoot their customers and give them,“No refunds.”

It’s Pandora tho… :smile:

“If you shop anywhere else, I’ll have you killed.”

Not to mention the side-quests in BL1 to eliminate the competition, or his fixation with the fact that Tannis seems to be getting supplies from someone other than him

My other favourite line is the one from BL2 HH3, where he’s talking about his ex-wife (Moxxie) and what she told him: “If you’re smart, look sexy; if you’re ruthless, look fat. I miss that girl…”

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Point. :smiley:

I’m sure it’s nothing more than the developers know you’re going to be playing the hell out of their game. If that’s the case, their quite bold, don’t you think?

I don’t know much about the psychos but I’d go out on a limb and say they were all experimented on.

You . ruined . everything . . .

The first thing, I can understand but the psychos? Think how many there are, how many scientists we know and how you’d feel trapped alone on a planet having to fight to survive. I’d say that the psychos behaviour is based more around animals than scarred by experiments. Take their weapon, basically an axe. It’s a tool that’s useful for so much more than just killing people suggesting they still have some sense. Perhaps the suicide psychos go with your idea better.

The vault was known about before our intrepid bunch of vault hunters landed on Pandora.

If I remember correctly. Tannis even mentions how the locals have been speaking about the vault for long before her arrival in the echo logs you find before ever meeting her.

That’s right, I was just listening to them.

Now here’s a conspiracy theory, or maybe just a phopa that Mr Burch missed.

The midgets on Pandora discovered Eridium, remember the Purple juice mission.

And the other day while going through the Rust Commons West, Tannis wonders why Dahl is pulling out, as eridium mining has been highly profitable. So… rid rock was around before Destroyer?

Of course they knew. Everyone heard legends about the vault but in Tannis’ audio logs, she sounds and, if I remember correctly, states she has, ‘discovered,’ a symbol related to the vault. My thinking is, if an army of (admittedly pretty bad) ex soldiers and security teams know about the vault as much as Tannis, sury they’d have at least made an effort to get there first.

I believe that Marcus’ story time at the beginning of Borderlands 2 mentions that the opening of the vault triggered a GROWTH of iridium planet wide so that’s very likely.

And for my final post here today, I went to watch Marcus’ story time at the start of BL2 and he says it’s a prison. I don’t distinctly remember anyone else being aware of this other than Steele maybe. Also, if it is a prison, could the war that the Eridian foretold in TPS be against the vault monsters? I’m just throwing ideas out.

But not all of the vaults are prisons or containing only monsters. As far as I can tell, most vaults have some sort of guardian for the goodies inside the vault(except for warrior vault). Perhaps the Destroyer vault actually had something inside it and it was the protector of said stuff? I know that vault is said to only have held “tentacles and disappointment”, but did anybody actually go inside the thing and check out what was up in there?

but yeah, probably just nothing in there
Or, the thing that the Destroyer was protecting was the thing that started the (increased?) flow of eridium on Pandora, and Jack got to it, or it did it’s thing automatically and blah blah blah. Point: Lots of unknowns about the Vaults and their purpose.