Conspiracy Theory: If Lilith Never came to Control Core Angel

If Lilith had never came to Control Core Angel, Roland’s death and her charging the key for the last few missions. Seriously, what would be the point of Jack going to Control Core Angel if he couldn’t capture Lilith? I know it makes for a much better story, but this has never been explained why she came. She was told by Angel and Roland not to come. Also, Mordecai anyone?

She wanted to have Roland’s back? I don’t know…

She wanted to take Angel down given (1) misleading them about the original vault contents and (2) betraying everyone with the whole Sanctuary power core shield thing.

Of course, Angel could have said she was a siren, and Jack and a control device that worked on sirens. Then again, Lilith probably wouldn’t have believed her and would have gone anyway; that’s just the way she is!

Just thinking because The last 3 or 4 missions would not have happened if she didn’t go, because Jack wouldn’t have the vault key or a siren to charge it. Also, when jack was talking to us about how he has the most powerful siren, why didn’t we just kill him right there?

Well if she didn’t show up Roland and company would be left staring at the last injector scratching their heads.

Jack had shut off the last bridge in a last ditch attempt to keep us from freeing Angel from her slavery and stopping Jack from charging the Vault Key. So unless someone got their Spider-Man on and climbed up or used a rope we would of been stuck twiddling our thumbs.


The last 3 or 4 missions shouldn’t have happened to begin with. That room should have been the final fight between the VHs and Jack.

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I know - that frustrates me every time I do that bit. I mean, the dude’s monologuing, and you ALWAYS take out the villain while he’s monologuing. That’s Superhero 101 stuff!


Yeah, I was going to start climbing, but Lilith beat me to it.

[quote=“mikethemidget12, post:1, topic:385915”]
Seriously, what would be the point of Jack going to Control Core Angel if he couldn’t capture Lilith?
[/quote] He wasn’t going to. Even Angel says that he’s too much of a coward to come down himself. He only sneaks in as a last desperate effort to prevent losing the key and to capture Lilith.

Yeah, but then Jack wasn’t even there to start off with…

Deux Ex Machina, baby! The single most powerful force in storytelling (outside of book sales and movie rights, of course)

brick could have showed up as he is capable of punching the shield until it breaks

also how did roland get one shot was he not wearing a shield

Roland let his guard down, that’s how he got one-shotted. The reason the saying never turn your back on your enemy exists is because it’s true. You cannot defend yourself from someone attacking from behind.

good point but us the vault hunter can hear jack spawn couldnt we say “hey roland jacks behind you” also lilith is standing next to us and would be able to clearly see jack

Roland was killed for dramatic effect, simple as that. Yes it would have made more sense if he was killed in a different way, but that’s how Burch wrote it so that’s what we’re stuck with. I don’t like it any more than you do.

yeah i guess your right when bloodwing died i only cried for like 6 hours

It’s always bugged me that we couldn’t even aim, much less shoot, while Jack was monologuing. The writer’s could even have let us get a shot off only to see it eaten by Jack’s shield, and he could have commented on it: “You sly dog, you almost caught be monologuing, didn’t you?”

That would have been better!


yeah would have been so much better

If Lilith never came to control core Angel…

Then Marty’s parents would have never met at 88 miles per hour .
The Ghosbusters would have never crossed the streams,
BRUCE CAMPBELL would have never been born,