Constant bug that removes weapon sights while aiming... (XB1-Pre-Sequel)

Playing over the Internet, every time I’m not the host, after a little bit, no idea what causes it, suddenly my sights are gone. I’m just left with a blank screen on any weapon with a scope, as if I was say, zooming in with binoculars or something. You know how you’re supposed to have a crosshairs, and circle etc when aiming a sniper rifle? Yeah, I don’t have that 95% of the time… Any fixes for this besides leaving the game, and re-starting? I can’t get 5 minutes without this happening… I’m level 7, and have already encountered 4 game breaking bugs…

Bump, anyone know how to fix this?

I’ve not yet heard of this from anyone else. Sounds frustrating.
May I suggest you submit a support ticket with Shift? Let them know what’s happening.

I’ve had the same problem occure. Playing the Pre-Sequl as the Baroness.
It seems to be a bug after riding the second vehicle but will occur suddenly on it’s own.
All crosshairs when zoomed in vanish. Even the scope part vanishes.

To fix it I hop on and off the second vehicle and i regain them.
No idea why it happens though. Annoying for snipers.