Constant Connection Failure issues

Hi, I’ve been having issues with connecting since I started playing this game again, the last couple of days it has been like a roulette game in connecting to my friend’s game. Sometimes, it’ll work flawlessly and sometimes it’ll let the timeout run out. It’s always the same issue, “Connection Failed. Please check your network cables and configuration.” I thought it was because of NAT type issues with specific people and their connections. However, I noticed that this is a common thing throughout the whole game even searching in matchmaking I am getting this error.

I don’t know if anyone on here is aware of this issue. It’s completely frustrating and hope this issue can be addressed as soon as possible. I recall this issue in the past when there was an update that interfered with connecting with friends. I don’t know if this is a similar issue but I think it’s a probability. Please reply, I want to be able to play with my friends. ):

yep, heres one of the several threads of players talking just about that

I see. Has there been any solutions yet?

Depends on your platform. There’s one guy on XB1 who will cycle his network settings, and that mostly addresses the issue for him (it’s the OP from the thread @LunaticOne posted). PS4 seems to be the worst platform, both for Handsome Collection and for Battleborn. It’s a bit of a toss up who’s responsible for that though - seem to be problems with both the PSN and the game servers.

Damn, i’m on XB1. I’ve been trying to mess around with my network settings to make it work but nothing yet.

I’ve tweaked the network settings a couple of times, but after reading about it here I haven’t touched them again because its not that, it does help (most times), I’ve found to quit the game and restart.
But the problem is not in the Xbox 1’s (to many have exact same problem) it’s out in the game servers somewhere