Constant connection timeouts after map select, is it me or the servers?

Four out of ten games I can actually play in with this matchmaking, it is furious to have to be that one guy that dc’s over in every map, I just really want to play Pvp. I find that if I don’t connect to the server before twenty secs on the countdown after map selection I just go into a connection timeout, where it timeouts for a whole damn minute.

After that minute I try to rejoin the queue and like one out of three times it will put me into the game. If it doesn’t it will just have me continue to try to reconnect to that game with no avail. If neither of those things happen it puts me in matchmaking queue again while that game I just left is still going on.

I have tested my connection and it is fine I have another console playing the game in the household atm idk if that might be a reason for connection issues. I just wanna sort this out, I do enjoy this game insanely when I can play it, but that isn’t happening a lot right now. I wanna stop leaving my team high and try but I don’t wanna quit pvp. I’ve been in matches where it will start the match 9/9 so I know this is an issue, I just don’t know if it is high priority on gearbox’s list or the servers aren’t to blame for the issue.

I just want some answers at least.

It happened to me just now. Both teams connected, and it just kept timing out over and over. We all eventually got dropped.

Have you tried single player? I still had problems within 30 seconds of starting a mission.

having some similiar issues there as well.