CONSTANT CRASH (Steam version)

I’ve had the game crash a few times a few weeks ago, but it was nothing too annoying, but now it’s CONSTANT. Fatal error!: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION whenever I play with a friend. Happens within a few minutes of play, and sometimes when I attempt to join their game. It’s getting ridiculous. How is a AAA company completely ignoring this issue that has apparently plagued the game and its players for over a year??
i7 4770k CPU
RTX2080ti (11gb VRAM)
16gb RAM

Tried switching from DX12 to DX11, verified integrity of game files, uninstalled/reinstalled, added exceptions to firewall and antivirus, I’m NOT going to role my graphics drivers back to play a single game. This seriously needs fixed ASAP.

Picture taken when trying to join friend’s game. Didn’t even load in yet.Fatal error!

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Try clearing the temporary file cache directory - it’s possible it got messed up on the first crash and never really recovered. It’s where the game stores everything while its initializing the shaders etc. If you’re not familiar with the location, it’s linked in several recent threads on a similar topic.

Also to be clear: An access violation error has multiple potential causes within any piece of software. Simply reporting that error without additional information is insufficient to identify a cause, let alone a solution. The chances are extremely high that all those old threads you bumped were a result of completely different causes to your current situation.