Constant Crash to desktop since latest patch 10 min ago

Since the patch 10 min ago i can´t teleport to Eden-6 “Floodmore Basin” anymore… as soon i try it the game crashes to dekstop instantly every single time. before the patch everything worked flawlessly (teleported twice just before the update)

Can´t progress now anymore since my story mission is inside that region

Any chance you can rollback the last patch?
tried everything now, even different settings, dx11, dx12, verifying my files, etc…
nothing fixes it… it keeps crashing instantly once i try to teleport to Floodmore Basin (all other regions work flawless… it´s just that single region and sadly my story mission is located there)

i have the same probleme . i crash when i try to teleport to sanctuary even if im in someone else game

Was it a game patch or an Epic Client patch?

ingame patch where it told me to go back to mainscreen to apply it.

somehow it fixed itself now after switching severall times back and forth from dx11 to dx12 and a lot of trial and error.
after 6 switches it started working again on dx12 (gonna switch back to dx11 just at the vault since dx12 is too laggy).
Once i´m done with the vault i´ll check if i can teleport back to the basin in dx11 again and report back here.

crashed again on dx11, but now there was an update again where i had to get back to main menu… now everything works even on dx11 without crashing.