Constant Crashes after Dec 17 Hotfix

I don’t know why but since today (the release of Dec 17 Hotfix) my game has been dying for every single little thing. It can be in the middle of a boss fight or it can be just me save quitting. I’m on PC, Steam version of the game, my rig is:

GTX 960
MSI Z97 Motherboard
i7-4790K CPU

Game has totally been fine, started overclocking my GPU a couple days ago so my PC wouldn’t slow down every other process when BL3 was open. I couldn’t get a screenshot of the one error message I got (normally it just freezes until I fully close the game with Task Manager) because for some reason my desktop recordings from shadowplay don’t record vid now. Trying to fix that too.

Same here, it just freezes at random times and i have to use Task manager to close it down. I have played trough normal and TVHM without any problems but yesterday as i started farming Tyreen for a Kings call (i got it today) some of the fights the game crashed. Today the same thing, even in random Bandit camps and slaughter rounds. I know my PC is not the newest but havent had any problems till yesterday, in Task manager neither my CPU nor my RAM goes above 35% so i really dont understand.

Alright, following this up. One reset yesterday fixed it somehow, but come next day and its at it again. Caught the error this time, dunno what causes it still

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