Constant crashing on every cutscene

Hi. My BL3 (on Steam) crashes on EVERY cutscene, almost every time I travel to next area and sometimes just randomly. Sometimes I get blue screen too, latest was “machine check exception”.

I have newest AMD GPU drivers and Win10 is updated. When you drop all settings to lowest it doesn’t make any difference but when you put fullsceen mode on and cap FPS to 60 it works a bit better and random crashes almost disappear, crashes on every cutscene still. Is this known bug or what? It makes game unplayable and needs to be fixed right away!

Tried on Linux Mint with SteamPlay to get rid of Win10 problems but BL3 won’t even start. BL2 was Linux native, why BL3 isn’t?

I bought new RAM sticks and new Asus ROG RX570, new HDD and clean Win10 install as I tought it might be some kind of memory leak or broken GPU. My old Asus P8-H77-Pro with Intel i7 3770 should be able to handle it too. So I have wasted hundreds of euros trying to fix this - And of course the game itself wasn’t cheap either. Is there some tricks left to try? I’m not very intrested in buying new motherboard and CPU, waste couple of hundred more and still have same problem.

Problem is still the same. This needs to be fixed fast. Do devs even care at all? Judging from replying pace - No they don’t.

try to play the game under DX11, i know many game isn’t working well on DX12, like BF1. they always crash on DX12. whatever, use DX11, the situation can be relieved

I have used DX11 mode all along. Tried DX12, just takes long to load and crashes

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