Constant crashing since latest ps vita borderlands update

Since the update for borderlands 2 on the vita, I have had constant crashing issues. Admittedly there were crashes before the update but compared to now the frequency was a lot lower, a hell of a lot lower in fact.

Crashes most commonly happen for me when in menus switching weapons or buying items, not every time but enough to become a persistent problem, even game breaking. I have fought through Lynchwood three times now today to complete the ‘Bane’ mission which has prompted me to post this on here. This did NOT happen before the recent(ish) update so it surely must be something that was part of the update?

All the other glitches and bugs I can deal with but this crashing issue has now ruined the game. I am fed up of fighting through an area, finding good loot only to suffer a crash and lose all said loot. It is making the game a chore and not enjoyable.

Please can someone at gearbox see this and do something about it.

Your best bet would be to file a support ticket. There’s a link to the request form just below the “Borderlands 2” heading on this page: