Constant disconnects are making playing hard

I am having constant disconnects during my plays. The connection will say green bars but I’ll be playing and suddenly everyone will just go in one direction and suddenly everyone will teleport to someplace else. I never get the disconnect symbol but it happens constantly. Not only that but it’s doing weird things to my game like: dashing through people as Pendles; flying into the air even though I’m not Benedict; a Quick Melee from another character sending me into the air; and somehow a Scraptrap not stunning me. The last one scares me the most because the Ghalt (we were in Chaos Rumble) scared yelling at me on the mic and said I cheated. I’m scared that I will be banned for cheating even though none of this is my fault. I remember walking over it so the Attikus next to me could get to him but nothing happened and i disconnected again. I don’t know if it got Attikus got stunned instead of me or not, all i know is that the Ghalt player was accusing me of cheating. Someone please help. I don’t want to be banned for something not under my control. I’m not a cheater. I’M NOT!!! I even walked into the next Scraptrap and got stunned by it in front of the Ghalt player to show him I’m not but he kept saying I was cheating. Should I be worried?

What platform are u on may i ask?

I’m using PC

Are you using wifi or a cable connection? WIFI would definitely be the cause of this.

But I have seen some weird lag with servers either way, just never quite this bad/frequent.

Wifi. But I have a 600 kps conncetion

Welcome to being any player in Australia/New Zealand.

High speeds don’t make WIFI any more stable, though. It’s still WIFI.

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I don’t live in Aus/NZ. I live in Murica

I mean, I have my XB1 connected directly do my router and it disconnected me twice in story missions. (Once in the Prologue and once in the Algorithm) Both times it said I lost connection to Xbox Live, but I checked and I was still connected, but it wouldn’t let me log into the game for a bit after, despite clearly being online.