Constant Electric Sound in Tundra Express

The Sound from the electric Gate in Tundra Express can be heard on the entire map even after disabling the fence. There is no way to stop it and it ruins all of Tiny Tina’s scenes.

A very well-known bug which appears to be caused by the player character actually being out-of-bounds on that side of the map while the FT animation plays (you can sometimes catch the “Warning…” dialogue from the death turrets).

The work-around is to go straight to the Tundra Farmhouse, disable the fence, then go to the basement to activate the FT station. Now every time you need to go to Tundra you can FT to the farmhouse, kill the fence from the basement, and move on. IIRC in UVHM you can FT directly to the farmhouse first.

And yes, it is annoying.

Except I’ve never been out of bounds on that map. Ever. It started the moment entered the map the first time, and it doesn’t stop when hit the fuse the box disabling the fence. Nothing stops it.

I mean that when the map loads, your character is (invisibly) added to the map at a specific location. Once the original teleport animation for the Fast Travel or map transition ends, your character is moved to the appropriate spot and you see them do the characteristic “I’m alive!” dance.

The dialogue thing is something I’ve noticed a couple of times fairly recently - you don’t always hear it, but it’s what led me to conclude that the game initially has your character location off-map. It would also explain why you always hear the stupid electric fence.

Are you sure you’ve got the right fence? The one in the Tundra Farmhouse (north-east), not the one at the Varkid Ranch Observatory (west)? You have to go inside the adjacent barn via the roof to initially turn it off. Once you’ve done that, you can go to the farmhouse, drop down to the basement, and trigger the FT there.

There are two fences? I searched it online and they said the farmhouse was the one with the varkids outside and the frame trap, and to disable the fence you had to shoot the box from the roof.

That is not the Farmhouse. The Farmhouse is a spawn point that you have to unlock on the far end of the map from the main door. Farmhouse is the area where lots of people try to spawn Vermi, there by the train tracks where the Buzzards come out after a certain time.

From the initial spawn point go down the hill and turn left. Head up the slope to the north-east around the peak where Mdm. Von Bartlesby spawns. Drop down and hike across to the farm house, dealing with varkids as they arise. You’ll see the barn beside the ruined farmhouse - there’s a spot where you can jump up some boxes and get in through the roof.

The rest is left as an exercise for the reader!