Constant Freezing (Also happening in BL2)

Hey guys, recently been struggling with my game freezing over and over while playing both BL:TPS and BL2. I have updated my Video Card drivers and dropped the quality to the lowest settings, but still freeze a lot. Any suggestions would help. Thanks

Have you done any gpu core overclocking? From past personal experience you can’t/shouldn’t overclock the gpu core much/at all otherwise it might decide to freeze.
For reference I’m game stable for every other game with a +95 MHz boost to the core clock and 506 MHz on the memory clock for my 2 SLI 780s but as soon as I try and run Borderlands (series) I need to drop the core clock to 65-75 or lower depending on which Borderlands it is and if the RNG gods are smiling upon me. Could be me/my rig but I don’t think so (basic googling showed it to happen to more than just me and those that it happened to couldn’t get it to work without drastically reducing their overclocks to near stock manufacturer speeds.)

I have never overclocked my GPU, so that’s not the issue. Thanks though.

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