Constant game crashing

Hi, i just got this game from AMD bundle and it is useless since I cant play it. Game crashes sometimes after a minute and the most time I played was 5 min. The error says my GPU driver crashed, I will post the content bellow.
I have updated windows and all my drivers.
If i use directX 11 the game lasts towards 5 min and with X12 it crashes sooner.
Would really like to play this game, was part of the reason I bought a new PC, and now this keeps happening.

Unfortunately the forums is not the best place to report this type of issue. Try

In the email back/forth that follows completing the online steps they will try to brush you off. Persist and provide them any info they ask of you even when it seems redundant or has nothing to do with the issue you are reporting(I think the front line support have to follow a script or something).

Good luck.