Constant Hard Lock Freezes in Maliwan Takedown

For about a week the game has been CONSTANTLY hard lock freezing when doing the Maliwan Takedown and occasionally in other parts of the game.

Always happens when I am shooting at stuff and lots of enemies and ONLY for the past week since some hotfix that you all applied.

I have been using a cryo anarchy with Speed Demon, Chain Gang, Mob Mentality, and Buddy system. Please help.

i7 7700k (stock with no overclock)
32GB Ram
1080TI (stock with no overclock)
Game runs on SSD.
Running Windowed borderless.
Using DX12.
Most graphics options set to Ultra/High.

Try getting rid of buddy system and not using a cryo explosive weapon.

Avoid any mayhem modifiers that generate additional spawning items

My guess is that chain gang may not be helping either, but try one thing at a time if possible. Multiple chain/tether effects with lots of additional adds (drones, flying guns, etc.) did me in on Zane a few times. Note that it can also be gear-related: I had the re-router shield and an electric banjo adding to the mayhem. Too many vfx = system overload.

its has a little OC by the get go. 1080TI (stock with no overclock)

impossible to by a 1080ti with 0 factory OC

try undervolting your GPU by a little.

To all the suggestions about trying this and that…

  1. I should not have to change anything like weapons I use, mayham mods, or stuff like that. If those are the cause, I would rather not play the game and wait (and hope) for the devs to fix whatever is causing this.
  2. I already tried stuff with graphics settings and lowering voltage of GPU etc.

This seems more like an issue with the game for which the devs need to fix and very likely NOT a me problem.

Duh…I know it is factory overclocked. Saying something is stock with no overclock means NOT overclocked by the end user.

It can happen with elemental types in general I think, but it’s far worse with Cyro, and has been far worse since the last patch. The information has been escalated to the developer team, as far as I’m aware. Hopefully Gearbox can put the information to use in a future patch (no timelines).

I get that you SHOULDN’T have to change anything. Put in a support ticket like I have, then adjust things so you can play…or don’t… your choice…

I was reading something over on the BL2 forums this morning which set me thinking. Can you check the game settings file and see how much memory is reserved for PhysX? In the BL2 file it’s PhysXGpuHeapSize=128; a user increased it to 256 which solved their game freezing issue. I’m curious how BL3 is set up and whether a similar change might help.

I dont have this settings on my BL gamingsettins

But . after i did the voltage thing. still no crashes. was just curious about it

Back in the late fall I used to constantly get video freezes with sound continuing and having to go and kill the not responding Borderlands3.exe. I filed a support ticket but it didn’t resolve anything. Tried all kinds of different things to solve the problem and even resinstalled windows to no effect. Then a patch and came it went away. Now I’m back to not responding all over the place. Chances are there is absolutely no point to you trying to solve the issue because the game is busted. Maybe if there was a setting to turn off the ridiculous visual pollution in the game it would help. And just maybe I could actually see what I was shooting as well.

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