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Hi Guys,

Interesting game type to pursue these days. The current build is close to unplayable for me just from how jittery it is but I had a go and I’ve got some feedback that I hope will help.

I personally found the maps a bit uninteresting from a maplayout perspective. They felt quite crammed and the very essence of how small they were made it somehow harder to find my opponent, I found regularly that both me and my opponent were simply running in a random direction and hoping to find each other. No primary pickups or core locations on the map unless someone threw down a sword card. There was no reason to do anything but run between the health packs until full health and hope you saw the enemy first unless they had a card like vampire or the sword which forces you to make a play.

I felt the variety of movement options was very lacking, I was really hoping for some form of wall jump card or a strafe run card to boost speed.

I’d recommend adding two passive card slots to be used for non-activatable cards and getting a few more movement options in there, really everyone should have a cool movement mechanic in their deck and then be picking abilities and weapons that compliment the movement options they have. maybe someone has to take the rocket launcher to get height with a card that removes the self damage or they have to use the railgun climb because they locked both passive cards into defensive cards instead of movement cards or they throw all movement out the window and become a jugger naught with lots of defensives and explosive weapons.

Either way right this moment I don’t feel there is enough card building elements to make me interested nor the base gameplay to backup the lackluster options, the maps feel pretty empty and to be honest the game would be much better with one really good, cool and tactical map than all the current maps.

I also feel that there is a bit of 2D fighter influence here that isn’t shining through that might be the ticket to a more enticing game, right now I don’t see any reason of playing this over playing quake champions or loading up an old copy of UT. If you introduced a sort of physics based combo system then the game could at least maybe have some cool plays that don’t look like generic shooter game 8

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Passive cards that combo with weapon-based mobility? Sign me up.