Consulting Lua files

Before GBX, the community had access to a zip made by a user called S110 where he decompiled all Lua files used in-game. Can we have a similar tool? A data folder with all Lua files distributed in its folders? S110’s project worked as the official consulting Lua folder that all modders had to use, to avoid crashes and such. I’m asking this to the Devs to force the same source to everybody, not to mention the updates.

This is not utterly needed, but helped standardizing mods and speeded up the beginning of the development.
If it already exist, just let me know the link and thanks for the attention.

(@BitVenom , @thisquietreverie)

The main reason that pack was needed was that the lua files were compiled, and decompilers were imperfect. As far as I can tell this is a non-issue with the remastered files, so it seems unnecessary. People just need a .big extractor, and one comes with the gearbox tools.


Agreed with Siber. Plus, there are waaaaaay more bigs and resulting lua files this time, and files continue to be added/tweaked as the devs keep working on the game.

Yeah, I agree about the focus on the decompilation.

I was thinking one of those @Xercodo 's GUI that scans the data folder and extract just the Luas elsewhere in a folder you select or create, so you wouldn’t have to bother about renewing the files. Whenever there is a patch, you rerun it to update the changed Luas.
@Sastrei - eventually the Devs will merge back the BIG updates to their original BIG files, diminishing the number of files. A lot of them are localization files, also.