Consumer Alert Regarding DLC6

Hey man, I never said it was wrong, just that I don’t understand the hype.

It’s probably not for me. I’m the guy who skips character creation in RPGs because it’s just one more thing preventing me from playing the game lol.

Also I pretty much only play games solo so nobody to show my bling to either


So $30 can buy you DLC 1&2 individually, or it can buy SP2.
Bang for the buck, it would be better spent on DLC 1&2 imo

That right there is VERY true, well at least it did with BL1, BL2 and BLTPS.


Exactly. After the pathetic level of information on what would be in SP2, I held off. I wasn’t all that thrilled with the value of DLC5, and with nothing about DLC6 and the ever-increasing bugs and crashes, I decided to just get DLC5 instead of gambling on SP2.

Come to find out that DLC6 is extremely light on content and value as well. Overall, SP2 was a blatant cash-grab. The amount of content and value is a fraction of SP1. I wish I hadn’t wasted my money on DLC 5&6.

GB has done a poor job communicating with their fan base and missed the mark by a wide margin.


I personally would not be that harsh. I find Vault Card addition very nice, Ava’s quest is quite decent, and new Company Man relics fit my play style perfectly (don’t particularly care about raid boss per se).

I got quite a bit of value for 15$ - YMMV, of course.

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Dlc 6 has provided me with at least 20 hours of entertainment so far. Worth it for me. The cost is irrelevant for me personally, I’m mainly looking to be entertained these days.

I’m in the same boat - 15$ or 30$ is not what I would consider a significant cost, since I have plenty of disposable income. It could be different for others, though.

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At the time, some people were literally unable to purchase SP2 on Epic as the first set of skins were given to anyone with SP1 or SP2 and thus the system saw it as you already owning part of SP2. Those people still “showed faith” in GB by ordering DLC5 on its own, but are now paying the cost of that faith even if they subsequently purchase DLC6 too, GB should be able to recognise that people have all the dlc and give people all the skins rather than trying to squeeze yet more money out of people that have already bought the full game and two season passes.


Happened to me. Was unable to buy Seasonal pass 2 on Epic. Condition for first set of multiverse skins was owning Super deluxe edition which I did, so I bought only DLC5 as I wanted to play that evening during release.
Keep in mind, at that time I had no idea there would be second set of skins and it’s only given to Seasonal pass 2 owners.
Now, Seasonal pass 2 on Epic is unavailable (because I own DLC5) and I have to pay extra 40 euros if I want the skins on top of 30 euros for DLC5 and 6.

If I knew I would need Seasonal pass 2 I would wait until Epic issues are resolved.


I have a question about a particular aspect of how the game processes owning Director’s Cut vs. Designer’s Cut, vs. Season Pass 2 so I’m reaching out to everyone who responded for feedback:

When you go to start a new game/ character on your screen when it asks you to pick what expansion you want to start with is there an option for “Director’s Cut”?

In November when I bought the Designer’s Cut I got the option to start there. On release day when I Bought Director’s Cut I was able to access the Mission on Sanctuary but I didn’t get the option to start with it. Is that the case if you bought Season Pass 2 as a whole, or Director’s Cut but not Designer’s Cut. I’m just curious.

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With SP2 on XB1, I’m only seeing Designer’s Cut as an option under Play > Start Downloadable Content. Same under Play > New Game as well.

I’m guessing since the Director’s Cut Mysteriouslier missions are implemented as a set of side quests that don’t automatically advance GBX also left it out of the DLC new game options.


Same here - Director’s Cut does not have ‘start’ option for me on XBox Series S. Own SP2 now.

I also suspect that DLC 5 vs. DLC6 vs. SP2 is actually a store option, that is Xbox Store, Epic Store, etc. It defines how you buy stuff. Game probably does not care whether you bought them separately or not.

They probably could’ve done for Director’s Cut what they did for Designer’s cut and have an option to start you ‘there’ just like with every other DLC, presumably with Chapter 1 of Ava’s quest line already accepted. But they did not, it seems. :man_shrugging:

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That’s what I was curious about. There was that established practice going forward, and then I guess Ava’s Mysteries is set up to be more like the Takedowns and Maurice’s Events, albeit not repeatable. Given the single map nature of them, they’re (Ava’s Missions) basically Headhunter Packs.

It’s the same on PC as a SP2 owner. Only Designer’s Cut is included in the list as a choosable option when starting a new game.

This would be my guess as well.

Sorry, can’t really help you there because I chose not to purchase Season Pass 2 based on the handling of the main game by @GBX since the game released. I hope the others here helped you resolve your issues.


I haven’t created a new character in a while, I didn’t even know Designer’s Cut start was a thing.

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