Contain your Rath! Best build for Rath for assassinating your targets

This was the build I landed on while playing Rath in the Beta and for Release. I had so much fun on him I decided to make a video guide on how I played him. This build is my favorite because of the sheer power and control you have over the battle field regardless of the scenario you’re playing in. Diving deep for a kill and landing those killing blows is what Rath is all about, just make sure you’ve got an escape plan!

The build consists of empowering the Cross Blade attack while pulling off stuns to unleash a storm of melee’s or the powerful Dreadwind combo. Scoring high kill counts becomes easy.

Fantastic video! It touches up on a lot of points on how to properly play Rath. Do a follow up video when you can discuss the mutagens that you can unlock as well. And here are some additional gameplay tips from a guide i created in the Beta.