Content for season pass for Borderlands the presquel

(Simply Zer0) #1

what does with season pass come with???

(Thefaceofboe) #2

The handsome Jack Doppleganger pack
UVH pack: Holodome!
Another character
A campaign dlc

(Jan S.) #3

Yeah, and all will be avaible in October 2015. Pretty big delay, since we already have 2 dlcs.


Moved, since this isn’t news.

(Where's lucky?) #5

They didn’t say the last one will be on Oct 15th, they said the season pass will be completed before then

(Jan S.) #6

Such difference.

(Stoop) #7

It is a huge difference. If you look at BL2, the Season Pass content was pretty evenly distributed throughout the year, and it also included stuff not originally announced.

It is pretty obvious at this point that at least initially the TPS Season Pass is not looking like it is as phenomenally a good deal as the BL2 one was, but it is still looking pretty solid so far, for the price.

The BL2 Season Pass was one of the all-time good deals in gaming, simply an amazing set of content for the price, so people have very high expectations. Hence the current disappointment thus far.

(Lucas) #8

If the campaign is like the Tiny Tina one would be excellent but if it turns out like hammerlock campaign that would be sad, very sad and impossible to fix because there is not more campaigns for this game.