Contents of new vault card

They said you can swap between vault cards if you don’t finish one right? Wish all those battle pass games worked the same, sucks spending $10 for a pass and then shelving the game.

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Out of curiosity - why remove the posts about data mined items?

It’s not as if they’re secret. Anyone can go to lootlemon and see the list of data mined gear that is yet to make an appearance.

There is even a mod that allows all gear, including data mined, to drop in the game.

Is this a spoiler kind of a thing?

Well, the forum rules prohibit any talk about cheating/modding as well. Probably something under that forum law.

EDIT: I don’t agree with it


I get if spoiler tags would be mandatory for this but just not allowing any discussion about it seems petty. Oh well, there’s always the subreddit.

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Simple, the challenges don’t change. You can just choose to use one or the other vault card.

Whether folks agree with it or not, GBX have asked that people NOT share datamined information on their forums - it is in the FORUM RULES after all.

As to why: many reasons, but particularly for content not officially released yet that information may well change before release. So please, just don’t do it.

If anyone has any further questions about this, they can shoot me a PM.


Should I stop opening chests and save for new card???

Keys/chests earned for one card are only good for that card and you can’t use them on others. (And each card has its own level, so you can have the first one at like 106 and keep going (there’s no cap), and the second one starts right at the beginning.)

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Thanks. When is this new card coming out will it have more cosmetics?

I imagine it will be the same format. So four items of gear and 24 themed cosmetic items.

Was this confirmed?

I really hope so, the grind is just bonkers.

Thanks and have a nice day :wave:

Yeah I forget where I read that (I think one of the devs on twitter) but basically so you can’t ‘save up’ a bunch of chests and unlock a bunch of stuff right off the bat once the new card drops.

But since this would be a new card starting from scratch it should be easier to level up at first. I’m sure everyone has noticed that VC levelling is like regular leveling: takes more and more XP to fill the bar. I’m at level 107 with my first VC right now and it’s quite a grind to fill it. :smiley:


I’m not even trying to farm it :rofl:

Had 1 diamond key and it was seriously underwhelming :sweat_smile: and don’t really care much for cosmetics :joy:

At the end of the day i just end up with all kinds of variations for the items (not caring for the launcher actually haha)

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I completely agree.

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Imho… It shouldn’t be payed content :sweat_smile:

I personally hope for a new artifact. The meta basically revolves around Pearl, White Elephant, Static Charge, Victory Rush, Tobaggan, and Company Man. I want something that’s NOT a melee artifact that can come with a standard prefix and gives some kind of passive ammo regen or healing maybe along with a cool damage effect.

After that, maybe another weapon like Facepuncher or Fish Slap that uses melee damage. Tediore Pistol would be fun.

Also I hope they give us more Guardian skills in the next update.

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Wasn’t Unleash The Dragon getting some traction lately as well? Honestly, some of them could just be pruned completely.
Commander Planetoid? Cosmic Crater? Pft, rubbish.
Loaded Dice doesn’t even work as stated, and what it does do is like a poor combo of Deathless and Otto Idol.
Launch Pad is only relevant with Cutpurse.
Phoenix Tears is rendered irrelevant with Guardian Rank perk Resilient.
Grave artifact and Ward shield should switch.
Pull Out Method is rendered obsolete by singularity grenades and shields.
No reason to use Rocket Boots or Splatter Gun when Toboggan exists.

Hell yes. I was hoping for a Torgue Melee Launcher, but a Tediore chuck with Melee capability would be way up there too.


Let’s call it the Drop Kick and it shoots an actual pair of boots.


I was hoping for something along the lines of “Mr Fister” (we are talking about a Torgue product, after all), and it’d shoot a big boxing glove, with substantial splash and knockback.

Maybe the Tediore chucks would sprout legs and give chase, delivering melee attacks that could trip enemies. The Shin-Kicker?:thinking:

What about a weapon that gives you a melee that works like Amara’s Blitz but from a lot farther away. Imagine sniping someone with a melee attack.